eclipsed No. 189 / 4-2017

18. July 2018

MICHAEL CHAPMAN - The Half Century Man

22. March 2017

MICHAEL CHAPMAN - The Half Century Man

Fifty years ago Michael Chapman decided to make music professionally. On this occasion the 76 year old from Leeds points out once again on his new album "50" that he was never the big hit supplier, but an artist who went straight: as a sometimes sarcastic, autobiographical song poet who orientates himself on rock, blues, folk and country. Six of the songs on "50" are reworkings of older pieces by the musician, in addition there are two (LP) or four (CD) new songs. Guests like the exceptional guitarist Steve Gunn, Bridget St. John or James Elkington gather around the jubilarian. A party of great underdogs!

eclipsed: How and when did the idea for the anniversary album come to you?


20. March 2017

The Englishman Michael Chapman is an artist who never made it to the front row. He always remained a secret tip, although after his debut album "Rainmaker" from 1969 the conditions were given: The record had been released by the legendary Harvest label and recorded by the later Elton-John producer Gus Dudgeon. Chapman played with people like Mick Ronson (whom David Bowie first heard on a Chapman album) or Rick Kemp. But he didn't want to be a pop star anyway.