PERE UBU - At the end of a path

18. November 2019

PERE UBU - Am Ende eines Wegs

The King is dead, long live the King. The band Pere Ubu from Cleveland in Ohio was always ahead of their time and at the same time had both legs in the story. She borrowed her name from the grotesque play "King Ubu" by the French writer Alfred Jarry and invented post-punk even before the great explosion of punk. With her new album "The Long Goodbye" she says goodbye. Or is it?

"The Long Goodbye" is already the 18th studio album of the avant-garde band Pere Ubu, founded in 1975. Over time, her style has changed greatly from impetuous escapades to thoughtful storytelling. The only constant over all these years is singer and songwriter David Thomas. His new work is not a collection of songs, but a spoken word essay with background sounds. In an interview with eclipsed, he reports on his health problems and explains what the title is all about.

eclipsed: Is "The Long Goodbye" your last record?

PERE UBU "Carnival Of Souls"

04. September 2014

Pere Ubu always manage to confuse fans and critics. When they return to their postpunk roots with "Golden Surf II", the opener of their new album, and sound as compact as they have not been for years, they only lure the listener into a trap.