eclipsed No. 196 / 12-2017 - 1-2018

18. July 2018

QSP-QUATRO SCOTT POWELL - Who can, who can

22. November 2017

QSP-QUATRO SCOTT POWELL - Who can, who can

Suzi Quatro, born and raised in Detroit, was one of the best-known rock protagonists before the Heart sisters. This must have been due to the musical as well as liberal upbringing of her family of Italian descent. With her sisters Patti, Arlene and later Nancy she played from 1964 in the All-Girl-Garagerock-Band The Pleasure Seekers, which later changed its name to Cradle. While her older sister Patti stayed in the USA and formed the first All-Girl-Hardrock-Band with Fanny in 1969, the bassist and singer Suzi got an offer from England, from producer and manager Mickie Most (among others The Animals, Jeff Beck Group, Hot Chocolate), who wanted to build Quatro into a successor of the recently deceased Janis Joplin.