The TAUSEND AUGEN have past and present in view

25. February 2021

Die TAUSEND AUGEN haben Vergangenheit und Gegenwart im Blick

"Westend", that's the name of the promising debut of Tausend Augen. With their mix of postpunk and krautrock, the trio from Saarland is currently attracting attention. Also with us: Their track "Mana Mana" celebrated its exclusive premiere on the eclipsed website in mid-January. Time to find out a bit more about the band.

eclipsed: First of all: Who is behind the Thousand Eyes?

Max Ludwig: We are Alexander Schimetzky (drums), Oliver Becker (vocals, guitar, synth) and Max Ludwig (bass). We know each other since our school days and have already been on stage together in various constellations. Therefore the band structure feels quite natural and familiar

eclipsed: The question is probably obligatory: How did you come up with the band name?