Track premiere: SONS OF ALPHA CENTAURI "Continuum"

14. May 2018

Trackpremiere: SONS OF ALPHA CENTAURI "Continuum"

SONS OF ALPHA CENTAURI return after more than a decade with their second longplayer "Continuum"! This second album was originally scheduled for release in 2009 after the band worked with Karma To Burn and Yawning Man.

A short and concise explanation by bassist Nick Hannon: "We were going to record an album in 2009, but that record went onto become the Yawning Sons debut so instead we worked on a much darker reflection of the band for the second album."

The album will be released in June 2018 via H42 Records. Listen here exclusively to a first track...

Track premiere: MR. BISON "Holy Oak"

27. April 2018

Videopremiere: MR. BISON "Holy Oak"

Classic/Stoner rockers are MR. BISON releasing their new album "Holy Oak" on May 25th. Fans of Captain Beyond or Motorpsycho can listen up here!

The band to the video:

Holy Oak, the song we have chosen for the video is the perfect synthesis of the entire album, it combines powerful riffs which have always been our trademark to a more psychedelic aspect, which is the true novelty of our last job. For the video we turned to Simone Addis, who in his last works impressed us with the use of graphic effects such as Parallax, a defect of perspective, and Puppet for the animation of photos! The video shows the power and sacredness of nature, which finds its first principle in the oak tree, anthropomorphized and understood as a protective divinity.

Track premiere: FREQUENCY DRIFT "Letters to Maro"

06. April 2018

Track premiere: FREQUENCY DRIFT "Letters to Maro"

FREQUENCY DRIFT unleash a cinematic sound on their new album "Letters to Maro" (release 13.04.), which wants to create a sequence of images of loss, oblivion and coping for the listener through the power of his sounds alone. Listen to an exclusive preview here with us...

Track premiere: PLENTY "It Could Be Home"

22. March 2018

Trackpremiere: PLENTY "It Could Be Home"

"It Could Be Home" is actually an album debut that took over thirty years to release. Emerging from the ashes of Liverpool-based post-punk eccentrics A Better Mousetrap and Warrington art rock band After The Stranger, Plenty was formed in 1986 and was Tim Bowness Band before the well-known No-man Band. Taking up the accents of contemporary artists like The Blue Nile Prefab Sprout as well as David Bowie and Peter Gabriel, Plenty's music alternated between electro-pop anthems, moving ballads and ambient experiments.

Track premiere: SANGRE DE MUERDAGO "Noite"

14. March 2018

Track premiere: SANGRE DE MUERDAGO "Noite"

"Noite", the fourth album of this Galician Neofolk SANGRE DE MUERDAGOband, will be released on April 20th via SickManGettingSick Records / Broken Silence. Originally based in the Spanish punk subculture, the band has pitched their tents in Leipzig. Their Neofolk belongs to the kind that use archaic instruments to sound modern again in very old garb...

Track premiere: Tusmørke "Fjernsyn i Farver"

08. March 2018

Trackpremiere: Tusmørke "Fjernsyn i Farver"

Tusmørke is a psychedelic, progressive folk rock band from Skien, Norway. Fjernsyn i Farver ("Colour TV") is their sixth album, which is loosely based on two concepts of light, time and reality. All we see is a reflection made by light from the sun hitting an object. The reflected light is registered by our eyes, but the reflection is also emitted in all other possible directions, travelling at the speed of light. The unhindered reflections travel forever through space. If we could develop a means to move faster than light, we could overtake these reflections and see them again, that is, look back at history. The second idea is that light is not seen as something that hits something and is then reflected back, creating a color image for the human eye. If there were no physical objects that could reflect the light, there would be an eternal totality, a kind of darkness, because light would not be seen...

Track premiere: MARILLION "Brave: Deluxe Edition"

08. March 2018

Trackpremiere: MARILLION "Brave: Deluxe Edition"

On March 9, 2018 Rhino will release the "Brave: Deluxe Edition" in a 4CD/Blu-ray or 5LP version. The audio tracks will also be digitally available. Both formats include a version of the studio album remastered by Steven Wilson and, for the first time, the complete recording of a March 1994 concert in Paris, which has been extended by 9 previously unreleased tracks for the Deluxe Edition.

The CD/Blu-ray configuration also includes the original mix of Producer Dave Meegan's album as well as the high-definition 96/24 audio in Steven Wilson's remix as stereo and 5.1. Also included are promotional videos for the album's singles and a documentary about the album featuring concert footage and interviews with the band: vocalist Steve Hogarth, guitarist Steve Rothery, keyboardist Mark Kelly, bassist Pete Trewavas and drummer Ian Mosley. Both the CD/Blu-ray and vinyl editions come with an illustrated booklet telling the stories behind the songs.

Trackpremiere: PINSKI - III ("Sound The Alarm")

23. January 2018

Trackpremiere: PINSKI - III ("Sound The Alarm")

PINSKI screams and sings, distorts her acoustic guitar, writes songs that have something to say and sometimes gets really bad. With a lot of energy and heart in his mouth. If you like a good singer/songwriter girl with a very delicate acoustic guitar, you are wrong here. Pinski rocks her songs with her regular band, who don't have to hide behind anybody and bring a lot of fun to the stage. On 26.04. the debut album "Sound the Alarm" will be released on Gentle Art Of Music! Here is an exclusive foretaste in advance...

Track premiere: RONNIE MONTROSE "10x10"

15. September 2017

The last album of the guitar legend, with guest performances by Joe Bonamassa, Rick Derringer, Samy Hagar, Glenn Hughes, Edgar Winter and others, will be released on 29.09.2017.