eclipsed No. 162 / 7/8-2014

09. September 2014

The Story of Quadrophenia

"'Tommy' changed everything and saved us," Pete Townshend remembers in the introductory essay to the 2011 re-release of "Quadrophenia". Basically, The Who had been a singles band in the sixties; the sudden intellectualization of pop music had posed a new, unexpected challenge to its thought leader. "People suddenly wanted to hear 'serious' music from pop groups.

Between heaven and earth

eclipsed No. 157 / 2-2014

09. September 2014

stage clear for three

Yes again on big tour! In May the indestructible rock group will come to Germany for three concerts. In her luggage: three classics of her eventful history, which she gives to the best: "The Yes Album", "Close To The Edge" and "Going For The One". The British formation answered at the round table whether they still have time for a new album and how their new singer Jon Davison is doing.

The eclipsed annual review 2013

RICK WAKEMAN - When one makes a journey...

29. August 2014

RICK WAKEMAN - When one makes a journey...

Rick Wakeman cannot be blamed for a lack of productivity. The blonde keyboarder, who decisively shaped the sound of Yes, has recorded more than a hundred solo albums in the meantime. One of his favourite musical children is still the setting of Jules Verne's novel "Journey to the Centre of the Earth", which is now available in a completely renewed and expanded version. In an interview with eclipsed, Wakeman revealed how this new recording came about.

eclipsed: The current recording of "Journey" is an extended version of the 2012 re-recording, right?

YES - Between heaven and earth

27. June 2014

YES - Between heaven and earth

We remember: On 4 June 2008, the comeback tour with Yes singer Jon Anderson was cancelled due to his health problems. Anderson had been hospitalized only a few weeks earlier for an asthma attack. The doctors had strongly advised him against concerts in the near future. Only three months later it became known that the Canadian Benoît David, singer of the Yes cover band Close To The Edge and the melodic prog band Mystery, would represent Anderson on shows in the future. And not only that: David recorded the surprisingly solid studio work "Fly From Here" with Yes 2011.

eclipsed No. 133 / 9-2011

11. April 2014

We're gonna party like it's 1980

You are one of the last outsiders of the golden Prog era. They're a band for eternity. And they have always been a real drama queen when it comes to personnel changes. But nobody could have foreseen that Yes would release a new album in the old "Drama" line-up after a ten-year studio break with singer Benoît David, who had originally jumped in as a temporary replacement. David, Steve Howe, Geoff Downes and Jon Anderson reveal their views on the revolutionary changes in Yes.


eclipsed No. 120 / 5-2010

11. April 2014

eclipsed shopping list SPECIAL

The rumours are still spreading: Yes will go on tour in 2010 - in two independent bands!? Yes go to the studio in 2010 - with Anderson replacement Benoît David!? What is clear is that something is happening this year at the glorious Prog institution. We asked Yes-Urgestein Chris Squire for more information and delivered an eclipsed shopping list SPECIAL.

The drama of "Let It Be":
THE BEATLES and their latest studio album

eclipsed No. 107 / 12-2008 - 1-2009

10. April 2014


Since their spectacular appearance last year, the rumours about a tour by Led Zeppelin have not stopped. This, it seems, will actually take place. As a prelude to this historic concert tour we bring you an excerpt from the wonderful illustrated book "A Tribute To Led Zeppelin". The recordings from the famous REX collection presented there celebrate the biggest rock band of all times.

The way to happiness

eclipsed No. 106 / 11-2008

10. April 2014

28.7.1943 - 15.9.2008

Richard Wright died surprisingly at the age of 65 - after a short fight against cancer. Many call him the soul of Pink Floyd, and his musicality and almost unearthly keyboard playing gave the group its unique sound. In the following we pay tribute once again to the musical merits of this exceptional artist.

Game without Borders (Part III)

eclipsed No. 105 / 10-2008

10. April 2014

milestones in hard rock history

With Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath they formed the troika of British 70s hard rock. The cult band Deep Purple, founded 40 years ago, had to struggle with personnel problems right from the start: musicians came and went. On the occasion of their anniversary and as an appetizer for the upcoming tour, we take a close look at the different line-ups (Marks) - with the emphasis on the great time.

Game without Borders Part II

eclipsed No. 104 / 9-2008

10. April 2014

game without limits

"Art comes from skill!" - many retroprog acts almost defiantly carry this slogan in front of them. "Genius comes from enjoyment!" - this witty word of Ernst Penzoldt one would like to hold out to the often grim musicians. A treat is what Yes, the progenitors of "Retro-Chic", have been serving up to the progressive rock world for 40 years now: In their best moments, the group has displayed a playful sophistication and lightness that are unmatched to this day. We honor the British Symphonic Prog princes with a three-part feature.

Schizophrenia as an Opportunity