DOOL bring their own musical heaven to life

"I know you will wait for me - here now, there then", Ryanne van Dorst muses in "Ode To The Future", a track from her new album "Summerland", and thus makes direct reference to the highly praised Dool debut in 2017. van Dorst emphasizes that the successor is a greatness in its own right and has nothing to do with the first album. Nevertheless it is a sequel, the next logical step. On "Here Now, There Then" the guitarist and singer dealt with the theme of time, or rather: timelessness. Now it becomes "spaceless". She completes "Ode To The Future": "I'll meet you in the summerland."

MATTHEWS SOUTHERN COMFORT have merged into one unit

Almost half a century passed between the departure and return of the eponym until Matthews Southern Comfort released their penultimate album "Like A Radio". Now it took only two years until the successor "The New Mine" was released. During the telephone interview, mastermind Iain Matthews snorts audibly several times before giving an answer. It seems that he himself is uncomfortable about why he brought the band named after him back to life in 2017. He left the band at the end of 1970 by simply stomping off the stage during a concert. "But Matthews Southern Comfort really seems to be a constant today," laughs the 73-year-old Brit with a hoarse voice. "The four of us in the band work together intensively, almost daily. And have fun with the story!"

eclipsed: 48 years break between two albums, now only two - does this prove your new interest in the legend Matthews Southern Comfort?

HÄLLAS have nothing against the comparison with great role models

"On the records of Iron Maiden, Thin Lizzy, Wishbone Ash etc. the guitar parts played in two voices always sound best. So why shouldn't we use the Twin Guitars for ourselves as well," asks Kasper Eriksson, drummer of the up-and-coming Swedish group Hällas, quite rightly. Because even if the band is often accused of sounding like a copy of Uriah Heep, Nectar or Rush - the way they do it is undoubtedly good! And where, please, is it even written that forever nobody is allowed to sound like the mentioned prog rock icons at their best times?

Hällas are the way they are, and that's okay. For nine years now, the fivesome, founded by Eriksson and bass/vocalist Tommy Alexandersson and completed by Alexander Moraitis and Marcus Pettersson on guitars and keyboard Nicklas Malmqvist, has been around. By the way: Again, parallels to Heep can be discovered. They went into the studio as a quartet in 1969 and came out again as a quintet, reinforced by keyboard player Ken Hensley ...

GOTTHARD still work precisely like a Swiss clockwork

In hard rock circles the Swiss band enjoyed a good reputation from the very beginning. It basically took on the heritage of Tea and Krokus. Their grandiose cover version of "Hush" (Joe South song in deep-purple version) was long their calling card. Leo Leoni as guitarist and singer Steve Lee were since then set as a trump card in the nineties hard rock circus. When Steve died in a motorcycle accident in the USA in 2010, the Gotthard universe was shaken violently. After a year later a replacement was found in Nic Maeder, the question arose for a moment whether the band would really manage to continue on a similar high level ... and they did. The new album is now simply and aptly titled "#13".

eclipsed: New album, new luck? The "13" - is that a lucky number for you? And what is the special thing about the new album for you?

THOUGHTS FACTORY describe the problems of growing up

With "Elements", the Frankfurt based prog metallers Thoughts Factory have delivered an excellent second work, which can easily keep up with the latest releases of Dream Theater, Tomorrow's Eve or Vanden Plas. Keyboarder Sven Schornstein, who actually works as a high school teacher, chatted with eclipsed about the background of the album, but also about the band constellation. Thoughts Factory are seasoned professionals, with guitarist Markus Wittmann and drummer Chris Maldener once working at G.I.T. and P.I.T. respectively. in Los Angeles and now work as music school teachers; bassist Bernd Schönegge, on the other hand, is playing in two cover bands besides his engineering job, and the new frontman Cornelius Wurth earns his bread and butter as a vocal and guitar teacher as well as "with live performances in various bands, mainly cover bands" (his successor at Journeye is subsignal singer Arno Menses)

On their third album DEMONS & WIZARDS set humanity against delusion

Their collaboration hit the metal scene like a bomb at the beginning of the millennium. And in hardly any other side project were the trademarks of the main bands so clearly visible from the very first second as in Demons & Wizards, the playground of Blind Guardian singer Hansi Kürsch and Iced Earth guitarist Jon Schaffer, which is entering the third round with the current album "III". "Yes, you simply cannot deny this fact", laughs Kürsch in the interview. "Jon has a very concise guitar style, and the same goes for my vocals. It's just our musical character and also our craft, and you can't simply subtract that. However, I find the symbiosis that arises from it very special. Demons & Wizards, for example, offers me much more room for singing, so that my approach is also changing

Ex-Pavement-Singer STEPHEN MALKMUS reinvents himself in the spiritual distance

Stephen Malkmus is a world musician in the best sense of the word, because he is constantly on the move. After years in Berlin he returned to the USA to Portland, Oregon. Musically, too, he opens the focus towards global music experience. His new album "Traditional Techniques" describes a whole range of places on this planet. It sounds like a journey with many stops. "It could be," Malkmus confirms somewhat embarrassed. "I haven't psychoanalyzed my lyrics. The sound of the album is based on the contributions of different musicians, and everyone brings their own story, which is never heard in the interviews, because I give all the interviews

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