The Art Of Sysyphus Vol. 102

THE WHO - Drums & Drugs: The last years of the Keith Moon

The stories about his freaks and escapades aren't all right. It starts with the date of birth. For decades, August 23, 1947 was considered a fact by biographers, journalists and fellow musicians alike - because it was spread by Moon himself. Only in 1998 the British journalist Tony Fletcher discovered for his 750-page work "Dear Boy - The Explosive Life of Keith Moon" that Moon was exactly one year older: one of many stories that the musician had invented or decorated in such a way that the truth content could often only be guessed at.

THE NEAL MORSE BAND - Perfectionists Against Their Will

A splendidly funny Neal Morse, who is currently recording the keyboards for the third Flying Colors album, explains eclipsed the background of "The Great Adventure". He does not hide the fact that the creation process - similar to "Snow" - was sometimes very laborious. But that doesn't mean that Morse & Co. lacked songs. In fact, there are another 45 minutes of material that were not used at all.

eclipsed: In the press release you could read that you were not planning to write another concept album. And certainly not a sequel to "The Similitude Of A Dream". Why not?

QUEENSRŸCHE - The advantage of the judgment

There are some open questions and at the same time some ambiguous answers when talking to a Queensrÿche musician six years after Tate's departure. So that no old wounds would be torn open, we didn't talk to guitarist Michael Wilton, who became the mouthpiece after Tate's departure, but to ex-Crimson Glory member Todd La Torre, who is well received by the Queensrÿche audience as the new frontman. His voice on the older songs varies only a few nuances from that of Tate. He also led the band back to the sound that made them one of the first progmetal bands in the early eighties. Her main aspect at that time was metal. But gradually the second founding guitarist after Wilton, Chris DeGarmo and Tate, pursued a path away from the Iron Maiden influenced initial sound. "The Verdict puts a lot of things back on their feet.

MOTORPSYCHO - The music never stops

New album, new luck? This does not apply to Norway's permanent rock sensation Motorpsycho. Actually, it doesn't matter which song from which album they play - what's important is this special motor-psycho feeling that lasts long after the last note has faded away. Influences of the 60's, 70's and 90's, Beach Boys, Deep Purple, Hendrix, John Coltrane, Miles Davis - all this piles up in their sound for 30 years to a single outcry. Guitarist Hans Magnus Ryan and bassist Bent Sæther have been with us from the beginning. The drummers changed drums several times, but each time they contributed a lot to the sound of the band. A few days after her anniversary performance in Oslo in December 2018, Sæther is ready for a talk on the occasion of the new album "The Crucible".

eclipsed: Many bands have a discography, motor psychologists have a universe.

XXL interview: JOHN MAYALL - The Blues Service Provider

Blues! The British resident of Los Angeles has never been interested in anything else. For 56 years, he has cultivated this musical variety according to all the rules of art, is regarded as either a luminary, an institution or a guardian of the Grail, was a springboard for many famous colleagues - and fortunately he doesn't even think about doing anything else in his old days. Marcel Anders spoke to the old master about the release of his 36th album.

eclipsed: John Mayall, "Nobody Told Me" was created in Dave Grohl's 606 studio.

John Mayall: That's right.

eclipsed: Since he often hangs out there and likes to jam with other artists: Did you meet him in person?

TINARIWEN, TAMIKREST, TOURÉ & CO. - Archaic Desert Blues: Music from Mali

Tinariwen and Tamikrest, two Tuareg bands from Mali, tour the world. Dressed in their traditional robes, with turban or chèche on or around their heads and guitars in their hands, they play dust-dry music that exudes an exotic charm for a Western audience. But they are only the top of the sand dune.

"As if one listens to a drop falling into a deep well," Robert Plant described his feelings when he first heard the music of Tinariwen. In 2003 he appeared with the band from Mali on the stage of the "Festival au Désert". The live recording of the desert event entered the World Music Charts worldwide. It was the initial spark and a foundation stone for the vitality of today's music scene in Mali and the attention it attracts worldwide. Tinariwen are certainly not the only renowned band from Mali today and they certainly weren't the first.

JOHN LENNON + YOKO ONO - Lennon's On Sale Again

Everything began with the desire to get married. Fifty years ago, John Lennon and Yoko Ono wanted to say yes to each other. What followed was not only an odyssey through half of Europe, but probably the most spectacular honeymoon in music history. Instead of having fun on a distant island, the freshly baked couple staged a week-long peace happening in an Amsterdam hotel room. The legendary Bed-Ins for Peace were born.