THE FLOWER KINGS - neue Single vom kommenden Album "Islands"

THE FLOWER KINGS werden am 30. Oktober ihr neues Doppel-Album "Islands" veröffentlichen und haben mit dem Song "Broken" nun eine erste Single daraus veröffentlicht.

“Howdy people - how is life on your islands and in your isolation? Good news is – there is music – and even better –  there is NEW music from THE FLOWER KINGS. Here is 'Broken' – first song from our new double album/triple LP! 'Broken' is a song about addiction, stress and confusion. Not a typical song  for the album, because the album has no 'typical' style –  it is just a wild ride of  styles and influences. We're super excited about you to hear ALL of it, but here is a first glimpse of the progressive smorgasbord. There is more waiting. Get your pre-orders going!  

Much love from Jonas - Mirkko - Zach - Hasse & Roine!”

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