eclipsed subscription

The advantages at a glance:

  • An exclusive yearly compilation for free: Once a year in the February issue, only our subscribers receive the exclusive annual compilation "HIGHLIGHTS".
  • Every second issue in the trade is without a CD, but subscribers always receive at least one CD per issue.
  • DVD supplements at no extra charge
  • free delivery and before publication at the kiosk in the letter box
  • great CD or DVD/Blu-ray rewards to choose from

Annual subscription
The annual subscription includes 10 issues per year. It will be extended by a further year at the then valid conditions if it is not cancelled in writing 2 weeks before receipt of the last issue. The cancellation must be sent to the eclipsed subscription service (mail/fax/letter, see below). All premiums will be shipped after payment of the subscription price

Trial subscription
The trial subscription includes the next three issues. The trial subscription is automatically converted into an annual subscription if it is not cancelled three weeks before the end of the subscription period via the eclipsed subscription service (mail/fax/letter). There is no premium for the trial subscription. You can, however, select a premium as a precaution. If the trial subscription is extended, this will be sent out at an annual subscription rate. Instead of the originally selected premium, you can also choose one of the premiums valid at the end of the trial subscription. In this case, please inform the subscription service in good time.

The annual subscription costs:

Germany: 62,90 EUR
Austria: 67,90 EUR
Switzerland: 89,50 sfr
Otherwise Abroad: 75,90 EUR

The trial subscription costs:

Germany: 12,95 EUR
Austria: 16,95 EUR
Switzerland: 25,00 sfr
Otherwise Abroad: 19,95 EUR

Please note: eclipsed Rock magazin is a german magazine and not available in other languages.

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The main phone is available
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