eclipsed subscription

The eclipsed subscription

The advantages at a glance:

  • once a year in our February issue, only our subscribers receive exclusively the annual compilation "HIGHLIGHTS"
  • 3-4 issues per year include one exclusive CD for subscribers only (excluding CDs in stores)
  • free delivery and before publication at the kiosk in the mailbox (BRD)
  • HERZBERG DISCOUNT: eclipsed subscribers receive a €10.00 discount per ticket when ordering up to four Burg-Herzberg tickets (mehr Infos, order at

NEW! The eclipsed-AboPLUS

Further advantages over the previous eclipsed subscription:

  • in addition to the printed version with all previous advantages, you can now also read eclipsed online (PC, tablet, smartphone)
  • even faster: read online before the issue is in your mailbox
  • Additional service in the online edition: many music links to listen to
  • Access to the eclipsed archive (from 2013 - today, to be extended)
  • Additional content with our eclipsed app (mehr Infos)
  • AboPLUS costs €79.50 per year. Additional costs compared to the eclipsed subscription: €1,38/month

ATTENTION: the digital subscription can NOT be ordered individually, only as part of the AboPLUS!

The Abo-Premiums

Neu-Abonnenten eines eclipsedAbos oder eines eclipsedAboPLUS erhalten kostenlos zwei CDs „HIGHLIGHTS 2018 & 2019“, einen eclipsed-Schuber zum einsortieren/archivieren der Hefte - oder - mit etwas Zuzahlung eines unserer ROCK-Bücher!

(Gilt nur für Neu-Abonnenten beim Abschluss eines eclipsed-Abos oder eclipsed-AboPLUS und für Wiedereinsteiger, deren letztes eclipsed-Abo mind. 24 Monate zurückliegt!)

eclipsedAbo (
10 issues per year) for € 62,90 foreign
prices: Austria: €67,90 - Switzerland: 89,50 sfr - other foreign countries: €75,90

eclipsedAboPLUS (
10 issues per year + digital subscription) for € 79.50 per year foreign
prices: Austria: €84,50 - Switzerland: 109,50 sfr - other foreign countries: €92,50

Convert to AboPLUS If
you are already an eclipsed subscriber, you can convert your subscription to AboPLUS at any time using the form below.

PROBEAbo for
the next three issues Prices
Trial subscription: Germany: €12,95 - Austria: €16,95 - Switzerland: 25,00 sfr - other countries: €19,95

the next three issues Prices
Trial subscription: Germany: €16,95 - Austria: €20,95 - Switzerland: 30,00 sfr - other countries: €24,95

If you no longer wish to receive eclipsed free of charge after one year, cancel your subscription with Sysyphus Verlag at least three weeks before expiry. Otherwise you get eclipsed further free house.

Please select the desired method of payment!

  • Bank transfer (account details see below)
  • Direct debit (only within Germany - not possible abroad - please enter data)

Warranty: You can cancel this order within 10 days. To meet the deadline it is sufficient to send a short notice to the address below in due time.

By clicking the button "Send" the data are transmitted. You can also print out the form and send it to the address below.

Ordering contact Germany + abroad (without Switzerland)
Postal address: eclipsed Subscription & Order Service P.O. Box
1331 | 53335 Meckenheim E-Mail
.: 02225 - 7085 338 Fax
: 02225 - 7085 399

Bank details: eclipsed
Abo- & Bestellservice Bank
: Commerzbank Cologne IBAN
: DE90 3708 0040 0317 1309 03 BIC

Order contact Switzerland
Post: eclipsed Abo- & Bestellservice Schweiz Schläppliweg
10 | CH-9470 Buchs (SG) Tel
.: 081-7563039

Bank details: eclipsed
Subscription & order service Bank
: Raiffeisenbank Werdenberg IBAN
: CH21 8125 1000 0049 3611 9

Please note: eclipsed Rock magazin is a german magazine and not available in other languages.

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