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eclipsed SubscriptionPLUS

  • the complete package (print + online + archive)
  • Read print issues with all CDs and eclipsed additionally online (PC, tablet, smartphone)
  • even faster: read online before the issue arrives in your mailbox
  • many music links to listen to
  • Access to the eclipsed archive (from 2010 - today, archive issues planned)
  • additional content (e.g. XXL interviews)
  • Upgrade from print or online subscription to AboPLUS possible, but there is no premium for upgrading only

eclipsedAboPLUS = 10 issues/year: print and online, all CDs, incl. online archive) €79,50 per year
Foreign prices: AUT: €84,50 - CH: 109,50 sfr - sonst. Foreign countries: €92,50

PROBEAboPLUS (for three issues) Prices: FRG: €14.95 - Austria: €19.95 Switzerland: 28.00 sfr - sonst. Abroad: €22,90

eclipsed AboPrint

  • exclusive annual compilation "Highlights" free of charge (always in the February issue)
  • 3-4 issues per year contain an exclusive CD for subscribers only (no CD in stores)

eclipsedAboPrint (incl. all CDs) (= 10 issues/year) for €62,90
Foreign prices: AUT: €67,90 - CH: 89,50 sfr - sonst. Foreign countries: €75,90

PROBEAboPrint (for three issues) Prices: FRG: €12,95 - Austria: €16,95 Switzerland: 25,00 sfr - sonst. Abroad: €19,90

eclipsed AboOnline

  • read eclipsed online only (PC, tablet, smartphone)
  • eclipsed archive bookable for 6,- EU (from 2010 - today, archive issues planned)

eclipsedAboOnline (without online archive) (= 10 online issues) for €55,90
Foreign prices: AUT: €55,90 - CH: 69,50 sfr - sonst. Foreign countries: €55,90

++ with online archive (additional payment €6,-/8,- sfr)

PROBEAboOnline (for three issues) Prices: FRG: €11.95 - Austria: €11.95 Switzerland: 18.00 sfr - sonst. Abroad: €11,95

Subscription premiums

  • Free 2 CDs: Annual Highlights 2019/20
  • eclipsed slipcase for one year of eclipsed issues
  • one ROCK book of your choice (additional payment of 19,90 EU each)

eclipsed Subscription Partner

Our eclipsed subscribers enjoy the following advantages:

  • Herzberg discount: 10,- EU discount per ticket when ordering up to four Burg Herzberg Festival tickets via
  • Elektro Beisler: 10% discount on all HiFi equipment and loudspeakers (except price-reduced and special offer items), please call 06021-51053 (hotline: 8 am - 6 pm), info: . New subscribers get an additional 15% discount on Pro-Ject turntables!

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eclipsed annual subscription

The eclipsed annual subscription (AboPLUS, Print, Online) includes 10 issues per year. They are renewed for a further year at the then valid & regular conditions if they are not cancelled in writing 2 weeks before receipt of the last issue. The cancellation must be sent to the eclipsed subscription service (mail/fax/letter, see above). All premiums will be sent after payment of the subscription price

Trial subscription

The trial subscription includes the next three issues. The trial subscription is automatically converted into an annual subscription if it is not cancelled three weeks before the end of the subscription period via the eclipsed subscription service (mail/fax/letter, see above). There is no premium for the trial subscription. This will be sent to me if the trial subscription is extended to an annual subscription.

Please note: eclipsed Rock magazin is a german magazine and not available in other languages.

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