eclipsed subscription

The eclipsed subscription

The advantages at a glance:

  • once a year in our February issue, only our subscribers receive the exclusive annual compilation "HIGHLIGHTS"
  • 3-4 issues per year include an exclusive CD for subscribers only (without CD in stores)
  • free delivery and before publication at the kiosk in the mailbox (BRD)
  • HERZBERG DISCOUNT: eclipsed subscribers receive €10.00 discount per ticket when ordering up to two Burg-Herzberg tickets (mehr Infos , Order via )

NEW! The eclipsed subscription PLUS

Further advantages compared to the previous eclipsed subscription:

  • besides the printed edition with all previous advantages you can now also read eclipsed online (PC, Tablet, Smartphone)
  • even faster: read online before the issue is in your mailbox
  • Additional service in the online edition: many music links to listen to
  • Access to the eclipsed archive (from 2013 - today, will be extended)
  • Additional content with our eclipsed app (mehr Infos )
  • AboPLUS costs €79,50 per year. Additional costs compared to the eclipsed subscription: €1,38/month

ATTENTION: the digital subscription cannot be ordered separately, only as part of the AboPLUS!

The Subscription Awards

Neu-Abonnenten eines eclipsedAbos oder eines eclipsedAboPLUS erhalten kostenlos die CD „HIGHLIGHTS 2018“ oder einen eclipsed-Schuber zum einsortieren/archivieren der Hefte.

(Gilt nur für Neu-Abonnenten beim Abschluss eines eclipsed-Abos oder eclipsed-AboPLUS und für Wiedereinsteiger, deren letztes eclipsed-Abo mind. 24 Monate zurückliegt!)

Please note: eclipsed Rock magazin is a german magazine and not available in other languages.

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