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12. November 2019


TONBRUKET - Musik und Antimusik

In so-called jazz circles it doesn't happen too often that a band with an unchanged line-up releases six albums over a period of ten years. The Swedish quartet Tonbruket is an exception. On his new album "Masters Of Fog" it's once again about Start. A sound like an icy breeze blowing from the North Polar Circle over to us. An initially straight, then syncopating drum set is added, grounded by a gravitational bass. At the end the star sparkle of a Steel Guitar pedal covers the ambience. Welcome to the world of Tonbruket.

12. November 2019

Pride & Glory , Zakk Wylde

PRIDE & GLORY / ZAKK WYLDE - Herzensangelegenheit

In 1994 the only album of the Southern Rock formation Pride & Glory was released. After Ozzy Osbourne announced his first departure from the rock business after the album "No More Tears" (1991), guitarist Zakk Wylde suddenly had no job. In 1992 he founded the band Lynyrd Skynhead with the White-Lion rhythm team consisting of bassist James LoMenzo and drummer Greg D'Angelo. Some songs of the trio appeared on the sampler "L.A. Blues Authority Vol. 1" (1992), but under the name Zakk Wylde. In 1994, before the self-titled debut album was recorded, the name changed with the addition of drummer Brian Tichy (Billy Idol, Whitesnake, Foreigner and Kenny Wayne Shepherd). One year later the chapter Pride & Glory was over after a worldwide tour and several festival appearances in Europe. Because Ozzy called to record his next album "Ozzmosis" (1995).

I can reach Zakk Wylde by phone at his house in California.

12. November 2019

Keith Emerson , ELP , Emerson Lake & Palmer

KEITH EMERSON: Würdigung zum 75. Geburtstag

On November 2nd, ELP keyboarder Keith Emerson would have celebrated his 75th birthday. For many progrock fans, the Brit, who put an end to his life on 11 March 2016, is regarded as the most brilliant representative of his guild in terms of playing technique. But Emerson also set standards in other areas: as a top-class showman, as a groundbreaking composer and as an ingenious mediator between classical music and rock. Critics liked to accuse him of gigantomania, while his artistic achievements were swept under the carpet. Therefore, it is time to pay tribute to the merits of this great musician once again

12. November 2019


LEPROUS - Keine Angst mehr!

The fantastic journey of Leprous continues. Since their debut "Tall Poppy Syndrome" the Norwegians have taken a fascinating musical development. Already with "Bilateral" they emancipated themselves from the original approach (Black Metal paired with classical prog rock of the seventies and jazzy passages), with albums like "Coal" and "The Congregation" they then joined the top of a fresh new prog metal generation. With "Pitfalls", their sixth album, the band is now also vehemently freeing themselves from this (for them never really existing) corset, the musical palette of the quintet seems to be almost unlimited from now on (see also the detailed review of the current "album of the month"!). In an interview singer Einar Solberg talks openly about his severe depression.

eclipsed: Einar, "Pitfalls" is lyrically probably the most personal Leprous album ever.

12. November 2019

Michael Kiwanuka

MICHAEL KIWANUKA - „Dieses Album stellt die Frage, wer ich bin“

The English singer and guitarist with Ugandan roots took his time. But now Michael Kiwanuka has finished his third studio work. On 25 October the album with the simple title "Kiwanuka" is released. With eclipsed, the 32-year-old artist spoke about creativity in difficult times and the search for oneself.

"Kiwanuka" is an album in the style of the 1970s, the decade to which Michael Kiwanuka feels especially connected as a musician. It delivers songs that are subordinate to a basic idea. Kiwanukas "epic", timeless sound captures the past and at the same time points to the future. One notices on the album that Michael Kiwanuka is an artist who thinks about the connections between music and society.

eclipsed: Your album describes a place of peace and beauty. How did this place come about?

12. November 2019

Beth Hart

BETH HART - Mit radikaler Selbstentblößung gegen innere Dämonen

At the latest since her cooperation with Joe Bonamassa on the celebrated album "Don't Explain" in 2011, Beth Hart has been regarded as the high priestess of blues rock. In her new work "War In My Mind", the Californian fights against the dark shadows of her past.

12. November 2019

The Magpie Salute

THE MAGPIE SALUTE - Musikalischer Dammbruch

Another flood alarm at THE MAGPIE SALUTE - but mastermind Rich Robinson and his five comrades-in-arms continue to wade through all the unrest these days on their second studio album "High Water II". He is very proud of the new album, as well as the predecessor "High Water I", Rich Robinson emphasizes quite rightly. Despite all the euphoria, the ex-Black Crowes guitarist describes himself as a "sentimental person". The separation of his former band in January 2015 and the related quarrel with his older brother Chris still plagues him. In an interview he explains his ambivalent relationship to friendship and why lyrics are so important to him.

eclipsed: Last year you said in an interview that "High Water II" would probably be more about melancholy than its predecessor. Did your expectation come true?

12. November 2019

Laura Cox

LAURA COX - Vom YouTube-Star zur neuen Rocksensation

The French singer and guitarist LAURA COX has been rocking the clubs in Europe for several years now and has gained a loyal fan base. This should be even bigger in view of the grand classical rock album "Burning Bright" which will be released on November 8th. At the beginning of this career were self-produced video clips.

Laura Cox started to play guitar at the age of 14, three years later she started to put replayed solos and songs by Slash or Brian May on the net. In 2013 the Laura Cox Band was formed, which released their first single "Cowboys & Beer" in 2015 and toured Europe with their first album "Hard Shot Blues" in 2017. At the Hamburg Harley Days this June she was able to convince record company representatives with her intensive gig.