OPETH - The best comes to the end

He wanted to write a masterpiece. This was the declared aim of Mikael Åkerfeldt in the creation of "In Cauda Venenum". He moved on a terrain unknown to him: for the first time the Swede recorded an album in his mother tongue. In an interview, he explains how this decision affected the thematic orientation of the lyrics and why an English version of the album appears alongside the original version. Åkerfeldt also reveals what prog means to him. He has little to do with the term as a genre. Nevertheless, the 45-year-old sees the progressive idea as essential for the constantly changing career of his band.

IQ - The Power of Inner Resistance


These days, the British neo-prog institution IQ is releasing its twelfth studio work. "Resistance", a double album with several longtracks, combines all the strengths of the band and illustrates the high relevance it still has after almost 40 years of existence.

The threat of a No-Deal-Brexit in Great Britain and the threat of climate change was again underlined by the heat records of this summer - developments that also do not leave IQ guitarist Mike Holmes and singer Peter Nicholls untouched. In the eclipsed interview they talked about the need not to bow to adverse circumstances and the role of politics in their music.

eclipsed: "Resistance" is a double album. Unlike their predecessor "The Road Of Bones", whose second CD contains songs that didn't make it onto the regular album, this time it's a coherent work, isn't it?

KLONE - Station to Station

With "Here Comes The Sun", the French progressive metal band Klone 2015 was positioned between The Pineapple Thief and Anathema. With her successor "Unplugged" two years later she struck even quieter notes. "Le Grand Voyage" now convincingly combines both approaches.

When we ask clones for an interview, singer Yann Ligner and guitarist/songwriter Guillaume Bernard take time to chat with us about the last things. For them, making music is more than just creating sounds.

eclipsed: Your compatriots from Magma have just released an album about the "Day of Extinction". And now you on your part deal with the great questions of life and speculate besides about whether and how it continues after death. Is this a coincidence or is there perhaps a current vibration to which sensitive musicians react?

ELOY - Gimme Hope Jo'anna

Jeanne d'Arc's passion moves the minds and fantasies of artists of various colours to this day. With "The Vision, The Sword And The Pyre (Part II)", the Eloy mastermind Frank Bornemann presents the final part of his rock opera about the French national saint. For the most ambitious project in the 50-year history of the Hanover-based art rock band, the singer and guitarist has bundled his musical powers. eclipsed visited the 74-year-old in the studio.

MILES DAVIS - Rubber twist

The name Miles Davis is inseparably linked to albums like "Bitches Brew" or "Kind Of Blue". In his highly innovative oeuvre, the stylistically open jazz trumpeter reinvented himself time and again. Naturally, he did not always meet the expectations placed in him. 34 years after the recording and 28 years after Davis' death his album "Rubberband" is now released, which stylistically sits between all chairs and to which you can dance damn well.

ROSALIE CUNNINGHAM - The good side of bankruptcy

Rosalie Cunningham has come through a difficult economic period. From an artistic point of view, however, this phase was a gain. At the end of it is the great album "Rosalie Cunningham". His unique mixture of Psychedelic Rock, Prog, Beatles-Pop and Folk has a tremendous fascination. eclipsed got the author on the phone at four in the afternoon. There she was, crawling straight out of bed and still tired. But the 29-year-old Englishwoman spoke willingly about her odyssey.

MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST - Another feast meal

Once ex-UFO Michael Schenker has bitten his teeth into a topic, he won't let up. This applies to the bashing of his brother Rudolf as well as to his musical projects. When Niedersachsen released a studio album in 2018 under the signet Michael Schenker Fest with four former MSG and Temple-Of-Rock shouters, this could have been interpreted as a unique project. But Troubadour had fun with it and on "Revelation" he added Rainbow frontman Ronnie Romero to the band.

KADAVAR - Horror Trip

The Stoner psychedelic rockers Kadavar set out with "For The Dead Travel Fast" to teach their fans fear. So they went especially to Romania to have themselves photographed for the album cover in front of the "Dracula Castle" and used old scary films as sources of inspiration for music and lyrics. eclipsed spoke with drummer Christoph "Tiger" Bartelt about the latest developments in the group.