Track premiere: SKRAECKOEDLAN "Kung Mammut"

The Swedish band SKRAECKOEDLAN presents their new album "Eorþe" ("Earth"). It is a collaboration with sci-fi author Nils Håkansson and tells a 1920s story in lovecraft dimensions, divided into eight chapters or songs. Nils Håkansson wrote the story especially for Skraeckoedlan, and especially in the limited box versions the whole thing is refined to a true total art value. The album can be pre-ordered here

KATE BUSH - Pop Music Experimental Object

Kate Bush, who turned 60 in July, is one of the most innovative, experimental and influential artists in pop history. Her career is marked by unorthodox decisions, the urge for artistic freedom and at the same time the need to close oneself off to the public. The English artist is cranky, she has shifted and blown the boundaries of pop music while still preserving a sense of the sellability of her music. On the occasion of the re-release of her complete work we look at the experimental moment of Catherine Bush, CBE.

ROGER WATERS - Soldier, Narrator, Devil

Although Roger Waters presented his first opera "Ça Ira" a few years ago, he is usually not regarded as a classical composer. However, the now 75-year-old already came into contact with classical works in the school choir of his hometown Cambridge and later became enthusiastic about Hector Berlioz' "Symphonie fantastique". Waters' latest classical coup is a new recording of Igor Stravinsky's anti-war piece "L'histoire du soldat". Interesting: Waters does not appear as a musician, but as a speaker.

DONNY MCCASLIN - The perfect blowjob

Donny McCaslin has been one of the hottest saxophonists in the USA since contributing to David Bowie's album legacy "★". The 52-year-old Berklee graduate gained important experience with jazz trumpeter Dave Douglas and the Maria Schneider Orchestra. Since his solo album "Casting For Gravity" McCaslin has developed an independent style that draws on fusion, art rock and electronic dance music. He goes one step further with his latest work "Blow.", on which he also picks up influences from alternative rock.

NAZARETH - probationary period passed

Even if Nazareth has had to get along on stage for about five years without her friction voice Dan McCafferty, the real break is the new studio work "Tattooed On My Brain": for the first time in their 50-year history the Scottish band went into the studio with another singer than McCafferty. Carl Sentance has been the new frontman for a good three years now and has successfully completed his probationary period with the album. Founding member Pete Agnew raised both thumbs during the conversation.

POND - VEB Berlin School

Wolfgang Fuchs was the electron microck pioneer of the GDR. After years as a classical rock drummer he turned to electronic rock and prog with his project POND and became the eastern equivalent of the internationally acclaimed Tangerine Dream. The Berlin musician, who turns 70 on 7 December, is still active and has released the double album "40 Jahre POND (Das Jubiläumskonzert)" on his label PONDerosa on the occasion of the band's anniversary in 2018.


Even if the Flower Kings, one of the most important retro-prog bands of the nineties, no longer exist: Creative head Roine Stolt is as active as ever. Under the somewhat unwieldy project name Roine Stolt's The Flower King, the Swede has drummed together several (ex-)flower kings as well as colleagues from other groups for "Manifesto Of An Alchemist". With them he has recorded an album that is as varied as ever, the lyrics of which often reflect the world situation.

At the time of the interview, Roine Stolt is in the middle of preparing for the tour rehearsals that will take place in his hometown of Uppsala. The 62-year-old talks relaxed about the current album, but also about why the Flower Kings have reached a dead end. "Manifesto Of An Alchemist" can therefore also be understood as an artistic statement with which Stolt wants to revive the virtues of the original flower kings.

CHANDELIER - New Nut Noise

Chandeliers did not belong to the greats of the Neoprog scene of the early nineties. But the quintet from Neuss had its fans. In fact, Chandelier didn't have to hide their sound from international luminaries like Marillion, IQ or Pendragon. Now the narrow back catalogue of the band appears again in two stages, digitally mastered by Eroc.

It is a Polish label that re-releases the three albums of the North Rhine-Westphalian band Chandelier. GAD Records released "Pure" (1990) and the successor "Facing Gravity" (1992) as double CD sets with bonus tracks. At the beginning of 2019 it adds "Timecode" (1997). We spoke to three of the founding members on this occasion. Guitarist Udo Lang (53), bassist Christoph Tiber (50) and singer Martin Eden (54) look back on their band, which can now be rediscovered by a new audience.

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