eclipsed No. 131 / 6-2011

Shelter From The Storm

Bob Dylan is entering the eighth decade of his life. With the experiences and impressions of the 70 years that lie behind him since May 25th, one could well equip ten lives, and none of them would be uneventful. We recall stations in the life and career of the ingenious and enigmatic US artist and decorate the whole thing with a "special shopping list".

Moving Images of a Moving Raceway

Since over forty Rush more or less follow their own laws. The reward for this is lasting success and a form of cult worship that even Geddy Lee is sometimes suspicious of. On 29 May the Canadians will play their only German concert in Frankfurt as part of the "Time Machine Tour".

Folk for the people

Three years ago they had amazed and delighted critics with their debut album. Their refreshing, graceful mix of folk rock and indie pop came out of nowhere. And even with their new recording, the Fleet Foxes are preparing to bring the magic of greats like the Beach Boys, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young or America into the present.

Labelportrait: Kscope
The Home of Post-Progressive Sounds

Three years ago Kscope split from the British label Snapper. Since then the company has made a name for itself with superb art rock releases from bands like Porcupine Tree, Gazpacho, Engineers, Lunatic Soul or - currently - Ulver. Time to take stock.

Let's move on!

Jon Lord, a symphonic rock pioneer, turns 70 on 9 June: with his "Concerto For Group And Orchestra", the keyboarder did the groundwork for the fusion of rock and classical music in 1969. Later he added solo albums like "Sarabande" and "Gemini Suite". The co-founder of Deep Purple doesn't think about quitting.

Part 2

In the second part of our history of progressive rock, we continue our reflections on developments in Great Britain. We pay special attention to the development of New Artrock and Modern Prog styles, which have caused a sensation in the kingdom. In addition, we let the musicians themselves have their say: in our big discussion round on progressive rock.

Keep the text up! Cult songs and their meaning

Shipbuilders practice a respectable craft. But what if they find themselves in the same moral predicament as Dürrenmatt's "physicist" and suddenly have to build warships instead of civilian means of transport? Robert Wyatt's song "Shipbuilding" pursues this question against the background of the Falkland War.