eclipsed No. 133 / 9-2011

We're gonna party like it's 1980

You are one of the last outsiders of the golden Prog era. They're a band for eternity. And they have always been a real drama queen when it comes to personnel changes. But nobody could have foreseen that Yes would release a new album in the old "Drama" line-up after a ten-year studio break with singer Benoît David, who had originally jumped in as a temporary replacement. David, Steve Howe, Geoff Downes and Jon Anderson reveal their views on the revolutionary changes in Yes.


Trolls, Pippi Longstocking, Ikea, H&M or Niels Bohr are buzzwords that quickly come to mind in Scandinavia. Pop fans think of Abba, a-ha and Gitte Hænning. The connoisseur knows, however, that beyond the Skagerrak there are progressive heavyweights as well as representatives of the light muse. But how did Progressive Rock develop in Scandinavia? What are his characteristics? How did he develop? ROINE STOLT, singer and guitarist with KAIPA and the FLOWER KINGS, went in search of traces with eclipsed

As western bands secretly crossed over

Appearances of western musicians in the GDR were something very special. Especially when these were organised without the knowledge of state authorities. An undertaking that was too delicate for most Rockacts. Not like the young punk snuggles - or Udo. An adventure report from a lost country

The Chaos Principle

Their last two concept albums, "Operation: Mindcrime II" and "American Soldier", were already hotly discussed in advance. Comparatively noiseless and without much Bohei Queensrÿche now present "Dedicated To Chaos" just in time for the band's 30th anniversary and thus - as always - provide for a divided echo

4603 bars long community spirit

The Japanese soccer players have shown that team spirit leads to the goal. This is now also the case at Lazuli after a far-reaching personnel restructuring. Team players are also more effective for a band than a bunch of individualists. In any case, the French formation currently sounds more powerful than ever

One for all

There are only a few sidemen that have been booked so often and have left such clear traces in the work of large progressive rock formations as Eddie Jobson. In August, the busy Englishman will once again be in Germany

The best supporting actress

The US-Glam-/Indie-Duo Kristeenyoung has been recording one spectacular album after the other since 1997. However, only a small loyal following takes note of this to this day. Kristeen Young, who gave the name to the company, leaves this unimpressed. She just presents a new EP

More in the lyrics!Cult songs and their meaning

Love songs are imperishable. And especially interesting for the public when they sing about a real romance. Like Jeff Buckley in his posthumously released song "Everybody Here Wants You" - an ode to Joan Wasser

PURCHASE SHEET ZZ Top - Zack-Zack-Blues

That little ol' band from Texas was founded in 1969 by guitarist Billy Gibbons. A short time later the line-up with Dusty Hill on bass and Frank Beard on drums, which is still valid today, was established. While ZZ Top quickly caused a stir in their home country with shows with live animals and all kinds of local patriotic bells and whistles, they were completely unknown in Europe until their Rockpalast performance in 1980. This triumphant gig was flanked by two striking events: the release of the top album "Degüello" (1979) and the beard growth program of Hill and Gibbons, which was accelerated between 1977 and 1980. The uniqueness was now visually and musically given..

National Western Rock Show

David Eugene Edwards has been causing a furore with Wovenhand for a decade now. Before that, he had long presided over another band, which still enjoys cult status today. Now, with "Yours, Truly", a retrospective has appeared that once again proves the extraordinary quality of 16 horsepower. eclipsed looks back on a time when US bands began to spur on alternative rock.