eclipsed No. 147 / 2-2013


Our view of 2012 is not angrier. On the contrary: the past of rock and pop has hardly appeared in a year as brilliant as in the past. Old heroes remind us of past, but not forgotten great deeds with new activities. You don't have to worry about hero offspring either. Young musicians are creative and tradition-conscious at the same time, and able to lead rock and pop into the future.

Time for S.O.N.G.S

Riverside have made a Polish prog comeback. And not only that: Their star shines today even brighter than that of their ancestors Abraxas, Quidam and Collage/Satellite together. With their last album "Anno Domini High Definition" they led the Polish charts for two months. Now the quartet from Warsaw is in the starting blocks with "Shrine Of New Generation Slaves".

The great unknowns

For many, they're just a David Bowie spin-off. Or an obscure 70s band whose singers at some point turned into an even more obscure solo artist. A formation that Morrissey and Def Leppard of all people have become infatuated with. In fact, Mott The Hoople were - at least for a short time - the most exciting band on the planet. They have recorded three great albums and left behind a legacy that is only really appreciated five decades later.

The History of Jazz Rock, Part 2

The year 1969 was a great moment of musical innovation, in jazz as well as in rock. Looking back, it seems as if musical upheavals had taken place every hour, and in fact the number of strokes of the revolutionary statements was incomparably high. Second part of the introduction to the history of jazz rock.

Ten Years "In Absentia": The History Behind the Milestone

Ten years ago Porcupine Tree dared a new start. With "In Absentia" they shifted their own coordinates both artistically and commercially. With success! The album itself manifested a new coordinate system in New Artrock, one that countless bands have been following ever since.

The normal madness

For their 40th anniversary of service, the most American of all US rock bands presents themselves with a surprisingly strong album, a birthday show in the Berlin Waldbühne and merchandising ideas somewhere between genius and megalomania. eclipsed met mastermind Gene Simmons for an exclusive interview - and gained deep insights into a well-oiled rock'n'roll machinery.

Animal animal

Soundgarden have returned at the end of the year. Just like that, after sixteen years of radio silence. With an unexpectedly strong comeback album, the celebrated grunge heroes of the nineties miraculously succeed in turning back time. With "King Animal" the group lets the Rockbiest take over again the rule in the sound garden.

The Old Love

Prog once was, today virtuoso rock is the order of the day: On the one hand the Stuttgart band Anyone's Daughter wants to go to new shores. On the other hand, she can't completely free herself from her past. eclipsed talked to band founder and keyboard player Matthias Ulmer about then and now. And why he doesn't think it's a good idea to do prog again.

Keep the text up! Cult songs and their meaning

In her early days Queen were known for her often obscure lyrics. Occasionally set in fantasy or fairy tale worlds, they also drifted into the realm of Christian rock music. The lyrics of their most famous song "Bohemian Rhapsody", which creates its own unique backdrop, are the ones that divide the spirits to this day. Evidence, however, suggests a personal reading of Freddie Mercury.

Shopping List PATTI SMITH
The Voice of the Bowery

Patti Smith's buzzing timbre is inextricably linked to the dirt and failed hope of New York. Even if she starts today, she keeps this spirit of the seventies and does not save herself in the gentrified glamour of the post-Giuliani metropolis. With her snotty-poetic proto-punk she was one of the very few artists who had a lasting influence on Dylan herself.