eclipsed No. 152 / 7/8-2013

New Songs from the Black Box

It's actually there, the first Black Sabbath album with Ozzy Osbourne in 35 years! While fans believed that they had misheard themselves when they first announced this pact, they are now holding a recording of "13" in their hands that is not only real, but also successful. And this although Osbourne had a bad relapse into his old drug routine during the sessions. Buddy Geezer Butler gives eclipsed insights into the mood of the band and the processes inside and outside the studio.

With the chime: 60/40

It's been forty years since a guy just 20 years old released his monumental debut album. On 15 May 2013 Mike Oldfield celebrated his sixtieth birthday, only ten days later "Tubular Bells" turned forty. Two good reasons to shed light on the varied career of the publicity-shy Brit, which has always been somewhat overshadowed by the shadow of his opus magnum

The iconoclast

He was one of the greats of his profession, a star of the cover design scene. His pictures were sometimes worshipped just as ritually as the music they packaged. On April 18, Storm Thorgerson died of cancer at the age of 69. eclipsed is reminiscent of stations of a special career

Please release me

"Re-releases of recordings from the sixties to eighties are booming. They are a tried and tested means of bringing the back catalogue of bands and artists back into the listener's consciousness. The major labels in particular know how to pad and always produce high quality releases of well-known acts. In the area of progressive rock, however, smaller companies are also doing well in the field of musical inventory management: very active alongside MIG from Germany is the English label Esoteric, which in recent months has re-released records by Argent, Cressida, Tangerine Dream, Touch and Robert Wyatt. Even more astonishing is the fact that Majors are now releasing CDs that at the time had insider status at best: EMI have now re-released the Janus classic "Gravedigger", while Warner Brothers are getting the ball rolling with "Stonehenge" by Chris Evans and David Hanselmann

Dispute Rÿche vs. Rÿche

"In June 2012, the band pulled the rice line. After firing Geoff Tate's wife as manager in April, Queensrÿche decided to fire the singer herself. Musical, business and human there was no basis any more. The temporary end of the song: Until the next court date in November both Tate and his former band are allowed to tour and release albums with the new singer Todd LaTorre under the profitable name Queensrÿche

The principle of work

"On May 20, Doors keyboarder Ray Manzarek died. The US-American was not only a grandiose musician, but also one of the most critical contemporary witnesses of the hippie era, who loved to glorify himself, but always went to court with his generation

70 immortal Jagger quotes on the 70th anniversary of the birth of MICK JAGGER

"He would rather die than stand on stage singing "Satisfaction" at the age of 45, Mick Jagger revealed in 1972, and announced a little later: "When I'm 33, it's over". On 26 July, the phenomenal rock performer turns 70 - and he's still raving about the stages of this world, crowing his famous battle cry of unfulfilled satisfaction

The Sound of Violence

"The beguiling instrumental music of the Kora player Ballaké Sissoko sounds so peaceful, as if there could never be a bad word between two people. In fact, it transports comments on the situation in Bissokos woidwundem homeland Mali. The sound art of the artist, who lives in France, seems like a kind of African Renaissance music in which the traditional instrument Kora becomes a peace harp

Not eternally ponderous

With their new album, the strange band from this strange country is putting themselves on stage in a new light: Sigur Rós clearly strike more aggressive notes - possibly as a reaction to the sluggishness of the past, as frontman Jónsi suspects in conversation with eclipsed. Marcel Anders visited Iceland's most famous musician after Björk in his natural habitat - and let him infuse him with murderous coffee and deadly beer

Keep the text up! Cult songs and their meaning

When young rock bands are on the road, a lot of fun is usually provided by the coarser variety. Especially in the seventies the tours of some musicians resembled raids of wild hordes. Grand Funk Railroad, however, saw the high art of ruthless celebration as an American speciality

Shopping list RAINBOW
Luminous loud Hardrock spectrum

1974. Ritchie Blackmore is a fermenter. The unobtrusively soulful and funky album "Stormbringer" by his band Deep Purple is not what he wants. In the guitarist the decision matures to realize his idea of hard rock with other musicians. He grabs the Purple supporting group Elf and books studio time. The result "Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow" appears only felt a moment after he has informed his Purple colleagues of his decision to leave the band. But the cooperation with Elf was only a first vehicle to break out..