eclipsed No. 154 / 10-2013

rule, Britannia!

Forty years ago, an album called "Selling England By The Pound" was released, which is seen by many Genesis and progressive rock fans as the culmination of a development at the end of which the pioneers, who started as a school band, became the kings of symphonic prog in the seventies. But the process that led to the creation of the milestone was quite problematic, sometimes even torturous. eclipsed tells the story of an album that was to shape an entire genre - and emphasized the origin of the musicians like no other.

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the proglabel InsideOut

Since twenty years the label InsideOut stands for high-quality Prog releases. The insolvency of the sales partner and majority shareholder SPV in 2009 caused severe turbulence. The company had to undergo massive restructuring. In the end it emerged strengthened from this difficult phase - thanks to the cooperation with the Dortmund metal label Century Media. With InsideOut CEO Thomas Waber, we look back on an exciting company history.

Standing firm and self-confident

The New York prog kings want their twelfth studio album to be understood as a strong, self-confident statement. For the second time, guitarist John Petrucci has taken over the production of this simply "Dream Theater" titled work after "A Dramatic Turn Of Events", while studio luminary Richard Chycki was responsible for engineering and mixing. It is the first album where Portnoy's successor Mike Mangini was completely involved in the creative process.

Shout it out loud!

With their new double album "Shout!" the celebrated progressive blues/southern rock formation Gov't Mule breaks new ground without really having to offer musical innovations. It's just as wondrous when the jam world champions enter a stage. No pop music style of the last five decades remains untouched. Warren Haynes clarifies eclipsed why that is so.

An obituary for Fritz Rau

Fritz Rau died on 19 August at the age of 83 in Kronberg im Taunus. The "Grey Eminence" leaves a gap in the world of concert organizers, as music and musicians have always been the focus of his attention, not business. We remember a man who, in spite of all calm and prudence, could become devilish as a fox if one treated one of his protégés unfairly.

Every time new, always nectar

Nectar have a lot of fun with what they do again. This is evidenced by the many recent activities. Shortly after the ambitious, but in the end somewhat misfortunate all-star cover project "A Spoonful Of Time" the group has started the honey spin again and now presents their contagiously vital 13th studio album. On this the new old nectar play their melodic strengths to the full.

McCartney, Zappa, Waters and Co.: When Rock Musicians Make Classical Music

"When the moment comes in the life of a pop star when he wants to prove his seriousness, it usually gets unpleasant", wrote the Süddeutsche Zeitung in May 2012 on the occasion of the publication of Damon Albarn's second opera "Dr Dee". The second part of our feature about classically composing rock and pop musicians should make it clear that this is not necessarily the case.

Keep the text up! Cult songs and their meaning

"I can't get no. Oh no no no" - a song by guys who want to scam, for guys who want to scam. "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" was the most condensed anticipation of the social protests of the '68s. And the famous Stones number is not least proof of how the priorities of its authors have shifted during the "march through the generations".

The Alan Parsons Project - The Success Project

His groundbreaking work on Pink Floyd's "The Dark Side Of The Moon" in 1973 was the ticket to a long, successful career for Alan Parsons of Britain. Already in the late sixties Parsons had worked as a young sound engineer at Abbey Road Studios and had even worked with the Beatles. It was not until 1975 that he decided to pursue his own musical career and founded the Alan Parsons Project with Eric Woolfson. The debut album, which was released in 1976, hit like a bomb: "Tales Of Mystery And Imagination" is a concept album with stories set to music by Edgar Allan Poes...