eclipsed No. 158 / 3-2014

In Concert 1974

The star is the music. This was always the credo of Pink Floyds. Nothing should distract from the music and its sound, primarily not the musicians themselves. Nevertheless, the English formation had already had a reputation on their psychedelic days for offering their audience live happenings rather than concerts.

14 classic live releases of the year 1974

In 1974 Pink Floyd gave 27 concerts. Not many. Neither for their own reasons, nor for the touring workload of great rock acts usual in the seventies. David Bowie, for example, played 74 shows in the same period, Yes played 83, Genesis 92 gigs, and Deep Purple even played 96 shows that year. The live sector was booming.

curtain open and close again

The live comeback of the art rock band celebrated in the seventies and eighties was a triumph. And a personal satisfaction for Eloy mastermind Frank Bornemann.

Everything under control

Especially in Germany, the English formation The Brew is regarded as one of the most powerful classic rock / blues rock bands of recent years. Their reputation is based primarily on their live performances. The Brews appearance at the Burg-Herzberg-Festival 2010 for example was a sensation.

In the maelstrom of the Mellotron

With "Cheat The Gallows" Bigelf presented their masterpiece in 2008. Then bandleader Damon Fox and his men effortlessly managed the balancing act between pithy retroprog and doomed metal in the tradition of Black Sabbath.

On a cuddle course

Fans love their powerful Classic Rock. But the name Foreigner also stands for cuddly success ballads of the brand "I Want To Know What Love Is". This is the title of an album that summarizes the more sensitive numbers of the Anglo-American formation.

truth on prescription

On their last album "Beyond Man And Time" RPWL dealt with Friedrich Nietzsche in detail, on their latest recording "Wanted" we meet Platon, the guerilla fighter Giuseppe Garibaldi, the legendary doctor Hippokrates as well as the musicians themselves.

The eternal rebel

He is a living contradiction: old hippie, Woodstock veteran, environmental and peace activist, but at the same time also weapons lover, party lion and eternal rebel. Now, at 72, the C in Crosby, Stills & Nash is releasing a new solo album entitled "Croz" that doesn't seem a bit tired of old age. eclipsed has visited a physically battered David Crosby on his farm in Santa Ynez, California.

An uncanny encounter of the delicate kind

Mogwai regularly get orders for soundtracks on the table, and the group usually does the job brilliantly. But even without a concrete picture, the intuitive head cinema of the Scots works very well. On her eighth studio album "Rave Tapes", science fiction moments follow various encounters of the third kind - and surprisingly delicate.

How about the two of us?

Peter Hammill has rarely entered into musical collaborations in his career, which has lasted almost fifty years. Now the English singer and instrumentalist, who is known above all as the thought leader of the progressive rock ponderer Van der Graaf Generator, has out of the blue made a pact with former Captain Beefheart guitarist Gary Lucas.

Keep the text up! Cult songs and their meaning

In his most famous song "The Boys Of Summer" in 1984, Eagles singer Don Henley pondered the transience of youth and lamented, among other things, the loss of hippie ideals. A few years later he hit a similar notch with the Grammy-awarded title track of his third LP "The End Of The Innocence".

Shopping list MAGNUM
Accurate from the Black Country

When Magnum were founded in Birmingham in 1972, the city in central England had already caused quite a stir in the rock world with Led Zeppelin, The Moody Blues, Electric Light Orchestra or Traffic. Similar to Judas Priest, who had formed up in the same place a few years before, the band needed a lot of lead time to get the only personal constants Tony Clarkin (guitar/songwriting) and Bob Catley (vocals): Their debut album "Kingdom Of Madness" was only released in 1978. The hard rocky title track is still a fixed part and highlight of every Magnum concert. Stylistically, however, the group still needed a few more years to find their typical pompous melodic sound with slightly progressive echoes and a strong AOR accent.