eclipsed No. 171 / 6-2015

MARILLION - 30 years "Misplaced Childhood"

Marillion had lost the trust of their record company in 1984. Nevertheless, the band opted for a concept album with which they dared to balance accessibility and complexity. "Misplaced Childhood marks the point at which Marillion became an international star. But the success quickly began to eat the band up. On the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of the release of the record eclipsed spoke with Fish, who was visibly taken away by the aftermath of his 57th birthday, as well as with Steve Rothery and Mark Kelly about fear of the future, world success and the end of a friendship.

YES - Live 1972

With the box "Progeny - Seven Shows From Seventy-Two" a treasure chest from the live archives of the celebrated Progband opens for old Yes fans. The virtuoso Englishmen released their opus magnum "Close To The Edge" on 13 September 1972 and went on a major North American tour with it and Alan White as their new drummer.

The eclipsed-Rockstädte-Check: HAMBURG

The editorial staff of the friendly music magazine eclipsed had a passion for travelling in spring. And so she went on another city tour. After 2007, when she stayed in Berlin for several weeks, she now gave a guest performance in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg. To gather new impressions, meet musicians, visit concerts and trace rock-historical events, interview contemporary witnesses - and to get a whiff of local air.

BILL FAY - Song Psychologist and Mystery

British artist Bill Fay is one of the greatest singer-songwriters of recent decades. Only until recently, only a few insiders knew that. Fay's latest release "Who Is The Sender?" once again highlights his grandiose qualities as a song psychologist. But Bill Fay also belongs to the great mysteries of the current music scene.

MUSE - Mission Humanity

On their seventh album "Drones" the English alternative prog formation Muse rages against high-tech weapons, state control and the increasing emotional coldness of the human species - just to rave about Malibu and Quadcopters at the same time. A strange contradiction that could not be completely resolved in the conversation with mastermind Matt Bellamy.

WHITESNAKE - Purple reloaded

David Coverdale presses the reset button and goes back to his beginnings as shouter of Deep Purple. But "The Purple Album" is much more than just another bow to the laurel wreathed hard rock formation. It is both an assessment - and possibly reorientation - of Whitesnake and an expression of respect for Coverdale's mentors Ritchie Blackmore and Jon Lord.

WOLVESPIRIT - Only together we are strong and free

. Not least because of vertical starters like the Blues Pills Roots-Rock is en vogue again. The chances for the Würzburg classic and hard rockers WolveSpirit are good. They not only place themselves between Janis Joplin, Uriah Heep and Wolfmother with a heavy electric retro sound and deep purple organ, but also have a female figurehead par excellence with the bluesy full tube of Debby Craft.

VIBRAVOID - Psychedelic lone warriors

The Prophet is not valid in his own country. This insight also applies in part to the Düsseldorf formation Vibravoid, which is described abroad as "Europe's number one psychedelic and acid rock band", but does not always receive the attention it deserves in Germany. Just now, elaborately designed anniversary versions of the debut album "2001" have been re-released on CD and vinyl.

Through Ganesha to Moksha - MY SLEEPING KARMA have reached the last stage of a section

The Desert Festival 2015 is in full swing. In April Berlin regularly becomes the epicentre of the international heavy psychedelic and stoner rock scene. Festival director Matthias "Matte" Vandeven doesn't mind giving an interview eclipsed despite the stress that keeps him busy during the three days. However, not in his function as organizer, but as bassist of My Sleeping Karma.