eclipsed No. 188 / 3-2017

eclipsed-Special: The revolutionary year of music 1967: A new

beginning, confrontation, revolt, experiment: Fifty years ago, it was fermenting and rumbling in an unmistakable way. And in more and more places the surface ruptured, and the energies suppressed over years and decades penetrated into the consciousness of the society of Western civilizations such as the Federal Republic, France or Italy: But the social and cultural upheavals in England and the USA were particularly noticeable. It was there that the psychedelic fever was rampant, which was reflected in the Beatles and Stones releases as well as the groundbreaking first records of the Jimi Hendrix Experience, the Doors and the Grateful Dead. In our 20-page special for the 1967 beacon year, we return to the hotspots and trace the heated atmosphere that gave birth to some of the greatest albums in rock history.

MIKE OLDFIELD - Born in pain: Return To Ommadawn

Forty-two years after the release of his classic album "Ommadawn", Mike Oldfield presents a continuation of the work. The self-appointed return to "Ommadawn" has above all deeply personal reasons: As in 1975, eclipsed conjures up the healing power of music to get over strokes of fate. eclipsed and the musician go on a search for traces of the past and the present.

EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER - Still... You Turn Us On

No, there have been no signs or plans in recent years for Emerson, Lake & Palmer - undoubtedly one of the most successful rock companies of the 1970s - to reunite. After the High-Voltage-Festival 2010 Carl Palmer finally dissolved the band. It was the farewell performance of the prog giants. After the death of Keith Emerson and Greg Lake last year, the question arises: What remains of this group that has polarized like no other? An attempt at a balance sheet.

JOHN WETTON - The Smile Has Left Your Eyes

The death of John Wetton on 31 January in a hospice in his native Bournemouth after long cancer, had unfortunately been expected in the end. Even though the 67-year-old himself was still full of musical plans and hoped to get back together with them in summer after a time-out with Asia. He had already written material for a complete album with Geoff Downes.

BLACK STAR RIDERS - Under heavy fire

With "Heavy Fire", their third album in four years, the Black Star Riders underline their exceptional position in melodic hard rock. The Irish-American band refines their Thin Lizzy sound and enriches it with their best song material so far. So it's not surprising that guitarists Scott Gorham and Damon Johnson are in the best of moods during a conversation in a Cologne pub, swaggering about Lizzy, Blackmore and our "ROCK" book.


Dust-dry, straightforward Bluesrock is her profession, just like abysmal ballads. As long as it's alive. Vitality is a key word in the self-image of the English troupe Wille And The Bandits. And the basic building blocks of liveliness are strong, authentic feelings - both positive and negative. These let the daring boys flow unfiltered into their songs. The vocabulary "honest" is a delicate one in connection with art. And yet what the bandits do is what you usually understand by "honest rock".

On the death of the "human rhythm machine" JAKI LIEBEZEIT

The prophet has no honor in his own country. When on Monday, January 23, the news of the death of Jaki Liebezeits the day before went through the media, many Germans heard this name for the first time. After all, now they've even heard him. The percussionist and drum philosopher Jaki Liebezeit was no less than one of the most influential German musicians of the 20th century.

WOLVESPIRIT have recorded an album full of love with "Blue Eyes

WolveSpirit continue to live their dream of the rock commune. Guitarist Rio and his organ-playing brother Oliver Eberlein still live with their singer, the US-American Debby Craft, in a shared flat near Würzburg - short ways to try out ideas. Founded eight years ago, they first really caught the eye in 2013 with the record "Dreamcather". They captured the rock of the late sixties and early seventies here in an original way. With "Free" two years later, they were able to add another shovel to their repertoire and thus raised expectations for their new album "Blue Eyes".