eclipsed No. 96 / 11-2007

eclipsed-Check: The 100 greatest instrumentals of all time

"Talk is silver, silence is gold" - this evergreen wisdom makes eclipsed its own and presents the 100 greatest instrumentals of all time. With many special lists like the best guitar-, prog-, trip- & electronic-instrumentals as well as the reader-top 50. U.a. with Pink Floyd + Jimi Hendrix + Steve Vai + The Allman Brothers Band + The Alan Parsons Project + Genesis + Yes + Dream Theater + Radiohead + ELO + Frank Zappa + Mogwai + Cream + Jethro Tull + Santana + Porcupine Tree + Pink Floyd + David Bowie + Sigur Rós..

No return to desolate life

The British band Oceansize has just released their third album. Like their predecessors, "Frames" is a captivating, complex and very emotional work, which should establish the band as a permanent fixture in the field of new progressive rock music. A Mike Vennart, singer and guitarist at Oceansize, annoyed by the failed soundcheck, but perhaps because of it very open, discussed with eclipsed about the new album, the financial hardships of a demanding rock band and his aversion to contemporary prog.

Luckily late

With "Rapid Eye Movement" the Polish Prog high-flyers have completed their trilogy about the nature of the human psyche, perfected their own style and trained two faces. Riversides singer, lyricist and bassist Mariusz Duda told us what this is all about.

Play again with the dirty kids!

Blues rock has often been declared dead. However, he always managed to get out of some niche and inspire the listeners. Also in the new millennium, representatives of the old squad and some "young savages" take the magic scepter, i.e. the guitar neck, in their hands and create dirty, lively sounds that tell of real life. A life full of broken hearts, excesses, pain and feeling.

After The Oil Rush

The powerful from business and politics misjudge the signs of the times: America, the last superpower, degenerates into a social poorhouse, into a totalitarian system, into a ticking environmental bomb. So Neil Young, the old man from the mountains, has to go. And the 61-year-old makes the salvation of the USA, if not the world, immediately a mission - whatever the cost.

More in the text

"Revolution", "Give Peace A Chance", "Power To The People" - With gentle emphasis Trug John Lennon Political Messages In Pop Culture. But No Other Of His Polit Songs War So Urgent And Timeless Like "Working Class Hero".

"I can't announce the end!"

"Remember That Night" is the name of the DVD David Gilmour is showing with guest stars like David Bowie and Robert Wyatt at the already historic performance at the Royal Albert Hall in May last year. eclipsed used the release for a short interview with the 61-year-old.

Time to say goodbye

It is a consistent decision that SAGA mastermind Michael Sadler has made: Exactly 30 years after its foundation, one of the original members leaves the group to "open a new chapter in my life, take more care of my family, even though I will remain actively faithful to the music".

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"Substance you don't count on"

What were these crazy times when as a musician in Germany you could still produce sounds far away from any trends and conventions and live your existence from them. 1974. Cluster musicians Dieter Moebius and Hans-Joachim Rodelius founded Harmonia the year before with ex-Kraftwerk- and ex-Neu! competitor Michael Rother. Although this formation will only last for three years and two albums, Harmonia will be revered into the new millennium as one of the pioneers of techno and ambient Krautrock worldwide.

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