The Art Of Sysyphus Vol. 79

23. October 2014


...AND YOU WILL KNOW US BY THE TRAIL OF DEAD - A Million Random Digits (3:07)
Album: IX (2014)
Label/Distribution: Superball/Universal

With TRAIL OF DEAD, you can never be sure what's coming: Brute Alternative? Or do you prefer smooth, carried melodies in the direction of art rock? The answer this time is simple: On "IX" the Americans simply mixed both elements. And the bill works out wonderfully in various passages.

SIENA ROOT - The Way You Turn (4:41)
Album: Pioneers (2014)
Label/Distribution: Gaphals/Cargo

After a long break the retro rockers from Stockholm come back with a new album, on which everything is still retro, but the thrust has changed from psychedelic blues rock to classic hard rock of the brand Deep Purple/Uriah Heep. Comes cool and oldschool-like including Hammond Georgel. (RELEASE 7.11.)

CROBOT - Nowhere To Hide (3:01)
Album: Something Supernatural (2014)
Label/Distribution: Nuclear Blast/Warner

Funky grooves meet metal riffs, fast hard rock numbers alternate with quieter tracks, which just want to explode with restrained energy. The quartet from Pennsylvania, which has only been around for two years, is giving the genre a fresh cell cure with its debut.

CEA SERIN - The Victim Cult (7:53)
Album: The Vibrant Sound Of Bliss And Decay (2014)
Label/Distribution: Generation Prog/Just For Kicks

Progmetal fans already see the current CD from CEA SERIN at the top of the annual polls. No wonder: Here incredible technical abilities, which don't distract from the songs, go hand in hand with great choruses. Outstanding is singer Jay Lamm, whose voice is reminiscent of Ray Alder and Geoff Tate.

VAUXDVIHL - Separate Ends (5:51)
Album: To Dimension Logic (1994/Extended Version 2014)
Label/Distribution: Century Media/Universal

With their only studio album "To Dimension Logic" VAUXDVIHL were able to secure themselves a place in the Prog Olympics in 1994. The re-release of this milestone once again illustrates the qualities of the band, whose sophisticated song structures and philosophical lyrics guarantee many exciting listening trips.

LUNATIC SOUL - Cold (6:56)
Album: Walking On A Flashlight Beam (2014)
Label/Distribution: Kscope/Edel

He's finally revealed himself. Riverside mastermind Mariusz Duda strikes a different note for the fourth time with his solo project. This time they are so new and fascinating in their combination that you have to count the singer, bassist and songwriter among the few greats like Steven Wilson. Album of the month!

BJØRN RIIS - Disappear (6:17)
Album: Lullabies In A Car Crash (2014)
Label/Distribution: Karisma/Soulfood

With "Lullabies In A Car Crash", airbag guitarist BJØRN RIIS has presented a flawless Artrock album that doesn't deny the closeness to the original band and, of course, convinces with its versed and varied guitar work. But at the same time Riis turns out to be a talented songwriter and singer of great quality. (RELEASE 7.11.)

Album: Fall In Love With The World (2014)
Label/Distribution: Insideout/Universal

Project and album titles say it all: Here Progger (e.g. from The Tangent, Toxic Smile and Unitopia) have joined forces to "fall in love with the world" in a musical way. Melodic, soft prog to indulge in, interspersed with world music - in this song with Jon Anderson (Yes). (RELEASE 7.11.)

PHI - Behind A Veil Of Thought (4:56)
Album: Now The Waves Of Sound Remain (2014)
Label/Distribution: Gentle Art Of Music/Soulfood

PHI are a new art rock band from Styria who prove their great potential with their second CD "Now The Waves Of Sound Remain". The production meets the highest demands, and in addition to classic progrock fans, Tool or Long Distance Calling fans also get their money's worth.

LAKE - Black Friday (live) (8:02)
Album: Live - Wings Of Freedom Tour (Spring 2014) (2014)
Label/Distribution: Mad As Hell/Cargo

LAKE, who are often said to have a too polished style, present themselves from a rough and energetic side on their current live album. Here not only the songs dominate the action, but also the imaginative solos, as here in the rousing Steely Dan cover "Black Friday". Alive - live - Lake!