The Art Of Sysyphus Vol. 92

20. March 2017


STEVE HACKETT - Behind The Smoke (6:57)
Album: The Night Siren (2017)
Label/Distribution: InsideOut/Sony

From the album of the month "The Night Siren" comes this majestic song which opens this new HACKETT masterpiece. The piece seems like a mixture of classical quotations, oriental sounds, Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir" and theatrical film music. Such a melange becomes favorite songs.

DEEP PURPLE - All I Got Is You (4:41)
Album: Infinite (Release: 7.4.)
Label/Distribution: earMusic/edel

Atmospheric and somehow pleasantly old-fashioned DEEP PURPLE track with driving groove and beautiful melody arcs, carried by Don Airey's organ, but also by Steve Morse's guitar. The narrative voice of Ian Gillan also fits. One of the better songs of the overall really good new album.

PAT MASTELOTTO & MARKUS REUTER - FACE: Excerpt 2 - Tremolo (3:43)
Album: FACE (2017)
Label/Distribution: Tempus Fugit/SPV

On the 35-minute monumental work "FACE" - consisting of only one song - drummer PAT MASTELOTTO and touch guitarist MARKUS REUTER play a big all-around blow. The two explore the limits of complexity, while the motifs and themes are constantly permuted and modulated.

KAIRON; IRSE! - Ruination (6:59)
Album: Ruination (2017)
Label/Distribution: Svart/Cargo

Shoegaze-Prog is the name given to the music of the Finnish quartet KAIRON; IRSE!, because on his second record he mixes the good old Canterbury style with psychedelic, space-, postrock and Shoegaze in a more than appealing way. Sometimes pastoral tones are added, as is the case with this song.

PONTIAK - Youth And Age (4:45)
Album: Dialectic Of Ignorance (2017)
Label/Distribution: Thrill Jockey/Rough Trade

"Youth And Age" with its stoic, zentnerschweren, optimally suitable for rocking along groove, the striking guitar solo, the ethereal slow vocals and the sublime organ carpet stands exemplary for the Stoner Rock of PONTIAK. The eighth album of the trio from Baltimore is a celebration for genre fans.

SOUNDS OF NEW SOMA - Wurmloch (9:52)
Album: La Grande Bellezza (2017)
Label/Distribution: Tonzonen/Clear Spot

SOUNDS OF NEW SOMA deliver a wonderful work of cosmic music and neo-herbal rock with their third album "La Grande Bellezza". It's psychedelic, stoic, naive, spacy, subtle, direct and weird. The almost 10-minute "wormhole" develops into a rousing rhythm monster.

KLANGSTOF - Hostage (5:18)
Album: Close Eyes To Exit (2017)
Label/Distribution: Mind Of A Genius/Warner

Behind KLANGSTOF lies the Dutchman Koen Van De Wardt, who emigrated to Norway in his youth. With his debut "Close Eyes To Exit" he presents a dreamy, at the same time weird and funny work, which touches the New Artrock of Radiohead as well as the Dreampop of Mercury Rev.

MIRACULOUS MULE - They Cut We Bleed (4:44)
Album: Two Tonne Testimony (2017)
Label/Distribution: Muletone-Bronzerat/Soulfood

There are bands that have coolness in their DNA. In addition, they have a lot to offer when it comes to dynamics, this station wagon puts them on the winning side. The band scratches the bluesrock, is close to the proto heavyrock, but they always get the curve to put a perfect melody through our heads.

PLANTING ROBOTS - Yearning (Single edit) (4:53)
Album: Roots (2017)
Label/Distribution: Recordjet/Soulfood

The fact that the pieces on the trio's debut came out of long jam sessions is not audible to them, but the fun of electronic fiddling of all kinds. As with the opener, they are used with care, groovy connections are made with earthy rock guitars or take off full of energy.

JETHRO TULL - We Used To Bach (4:54)
Album: The String Quartets (2017)
Label/Distribution: BMG/ADA/Warner

In "The String Quartets" Ian Anderson worked together with the Carducci Quartet and gave old JETHRO TULL pieces a chamber music look. "We Used To Bach" combines "We Used To Know" from 1969 with Bach's C major Prelude, which is refined by Anderson with a brilliant flute solo.