BIG BIG TRAIN - Flaming Folklore

22. June 2016

Big Big Train

BIG BIG TRAIN - Flaming Folklore

Greg Spawton and Andy Poole founded Big Big Train. Since then, they have been meticulously making sure that the band constantly expands their sound through regular reshuffles. On the most recent recording "Folklore" there are proud eight accomplices at work, which gives the whole a sporadic orchestral character. "When I joined the band in 2009," says singer, flutist, guitarist and keyboarder David Longdon (51), "Greg and Andy urged me to get as involved with the sound cosmos as possible That's what he did on "folklore" more than ever. In an interview with eclipsed he is happy that "our band is already another big step forward in their creative development".

eclipsed: You called your new album "Folklore", but there are too many folkloristic elements you can't hear. Why this title?

David Longdon: It was less about describing the music than about the human aspect. It's about how friends get together around a campfire, warm each other up and tell each other exciting stories. A feeling of togetherness is what our record wants to convey this time. A wonderful thing, as we find it. And it is an unmistakable statement against an era in which communication takes place almost exclusively virtually and with technical aids. It goes without saying that this creates superficiality. You'd rather burn your hands by the fire when you get involved in a heated discussion, wouldn't you? (laughs)

eclipsed: So there's some kind of concept behind "folklore"?

Longdon: Let's call it a song cycle. The only connecting element of the songs is the irrepressible desire to tell exciting stories.

eclipsed: Most of the new songs were written by you and Greg Spawton. When did you hatch the first ideas for the record?

Longdon: The decisive spark was ignited by the fact that Greg and I have read an extremely large number of books in recent months. There were non-fiction books among them, such as treatises on British myths and legends. But also fiction, fantasy and science fiction. That inspired us. We love literature that moves between reality, fiction and dream.

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