GAZPACHO - Demonic Prague

24. April 2014


GAZPACHO - Demonic Prague

The story Thomas Anderson tells about the new album sounds exciting and creepy. The musician is reminiscent of a fairytale uncle when he starts to lead us into the world of a demon: "My father used to work for an international company in Prague. There he was told the story of a manuscript found in an abandoned apartment, in which a man claims to be many hundreds of years old and to hunt down a demon who is mischievous all over the world. But it is not just any demon, but the embodiment of evil par excellence that lurks everywhere. And the man found this demon. Shortly thereafter, however, he disappeared without a trace and left behind only this manuscript."

Now Anderson and his record company have been telling this story for several weeks to anyone who wants to learn more about the background of the new Gazpacho album. It's a true story, assures the songwriter. When asked whether he had already held the manuscript in his hands or read excerpts from it, Anderson evades the question: "That's the mysterious thing: You can't google it or something, but a few years ago it was given to the library of the Strahov monastery in Prague." However, he had not yet responded to a request from him, and now he, Anderson, is trying to do so via a contact man. In times of globalization and the Internet, this story seems rather strange, and it is surprising that none of the media that have circulated it has questioned it so far. Couldn't it be that Gazpacho had a little fun?

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