Indestructible - JACK BRUCE

24. April 2014

Jack Bruce

Indestructible - JACK BRUCE

Jack Bruce has produced a late work that underlines why the Scotsman is one of the greatest bassists and singers in music history. "Silver Rails" oscillates between hard rock, blues and jazz and is bursting with energy. eclipsed visited the 70-year-old on his country estate in Devon in southern England.

eclipsed: "Silver Rails" has an impressive guest list, which also includes Phil Manzanera and Robin Trower.

Jack Bruce: That's right. I did three or four albums with Robin in the '80s. The last one was "Seven Moons", a really good blues rock album. I was in Cuba with Phil a few years ago, which was really interesting. Phil spent his childhood in Cuba. He was there during the revolution and had to flee with his parents. So it was very exciting to return to this place with him and indulge in memories.

eclipsed: Why Uli Jon Roth and not Eric Clapton?

Bruce: Because I wanted as few Cream references as possible. This band is a long time ago now, but I'm still being asked about it all the time. It's a real curse. I'm me, I do my thing, I live in the here and now. I don't want to go back and be nostalgic. And let's be honest: Uli is also a fantastic guitarist. One of the best there is. I really don't need Eric there.

eclipsed: How would you describe your current relationship with Ginger Baker?

Bruce: I currently have no relationship with Ginger.

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