PENDRAGON - Extended Mountain Tour

27. November 2014


PENDRAGON - Extended Mountain Tour

Pendragon belong since the middle of the eighties to the inventory of the neoprog scene. The formation, founded in 1978 as Zeus Pendragon, has presented itself stylistically broader and more modern with the albums "Believe", "Pure" and last but not least "Passion" in the last few years and has thus re-established itself as a relevant band. Guitarist, keyboarder and singer Nick Barrett, keyboarder Clive Nolan, bassist Peter Gee and the new drummer Craig Bundell record some of this freshness on "Men Who Climb Mountains", but at the same time they remind us more of earlier albums.

eclipsed: Nick, you are known to be a big Camel fan and as such especially love Andrew Latimer's guitar playing. Are there any songs or passages on the new album that you were buzzing around in the back of your mind while writing or recording Camel?

Nick Barrett: It's been a long time since Camel and Andy Latimer influenced me. These are not fresh impressions anymore, which I especially processed for the new album. Camel and Andy's guitar playing have shaped me as a musician and can certainly be seen as an influence here and there, more or less, and I know that some writers make Camel influences in the new songs. I don't see and hear it that way and I didn't consciously remember it while writing.

eclipsed: If you had to compare "Men Who Climb Mountains" with one of your previous albums, what would that be?

Barrett: There are critics who think the album is reminiscent of "Not Of This World". I don't see it that way. We also have a singer on the new album [Tiggy York; note], but that's the only real agreement for me.

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