SEASICK STEVE - Rebel in dungarees

23. April 2015

Seasick Steve

SEASICK STEVE - Rebel in dungarees

73-year-old Californian Steven Gene Wold lives on a farm in Norway, builds guitars from scrap metal, plays dirty blues, records in the kitchen at home and still sells millions of albums. A slap in the face for the music industry - just like his latest work "Sonic Soul Surfer". Because despite success and celebrity friends: The former hobo remains true to his principles.

eclipsed: You have had a real dream career, but continue to be down-to-earth and unadjusted. Is that marketing strategy or are you really such a lateral thinker and nostalgic?

Seasick Steve: I'm just old-fashioned. Even as a child I was convinced that everything from the 40s was better than that from the 50s. Nothing's changed about that. (laughs) Which doesn't mean I don't like everything modern. For example, I have a mobile phone because it is very practical. But when it comes to recording, I insist on analog equipment. I know how to handle it, and it sounds better than it does from the computer.

eclipsed: What is the appeal of lumberjack shirts and dungarees? Don't you ever feel like wearing a fancy suit?

Seasick Steve: (laughs) I have photos of myself as a four-year-old, on which I wear exactly the same as today. I never thought I'd do anything about it.

eclipsed: So Seasick Steve isn't a fake figure, he's real?

Seasick Steve: There's no other character I could slip into when I get home. I don't know how my colleagues do it, but I'm always just me.

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