VIBRAVOID - Psychedelic lone fighters

27. May 2015


VIBRAVOID - Psychedelic lone fighters

Vibravoid have been working on their vision of psychedelic rock music for over twenty years now, trying to live up to the spirit of the lysergic acid soaked, brightly coloured sixties era with bands like Pink Floyd, Strawberry Alarm Clock or Iron Butterfly. Singer and guitarist Christian Koch, called the "doctor", gives information about past and present.

eclipsed: What is the significance of your debut "2001" for you today?

Doctor: It was definitely a good start for us as a band, because we didn't impose any musical restrictions on ourselves for the future, but offered a spectrum from which we can still draw today. I think the album still sounds amazingly up-to-date and fresh.

eclipsed: Especially abroad you enjoy a reputation as a true psychedelic band. Have you ushered in a new period of psychedelic music?

Doctor: We are now talking about a band period of 25 years - everything is subject to constant change. The period of psychedelic rock music is clearly over since 1970, which has made us almost lone fighters in the last decades. But lately I notice very often that our visual or musical style is copied, so at least we seem to have left traces.

eclipsed: Is there any social framework for a psychedelic lifestyle for you these days?

Doctor: We don't let people fool us and we don't believe everything people tell us. It is all the more important today to take a critical look at things. We are all able to analyze our society: The result is alarming and guaranteed not psychedelic.

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