ANEKDOTEN - Creative high-altitude flights just under the radar

25. June 2015


ANEKDOTEN - Creative high-altitude flights just under the radar

At the renowned Burg-Herzberg-Festival anecdotes are welcome guests - this summer as well. On 30 July they will be the last band on the opening day to enter the stage and ring in their live comeback in Germany. In an interview with eclipsed, band boss Nicklas Barker reflects on the roots of his group and names the reasons for the long break.

eclipsed: The release of "Until All The Ghosts Are Gone" coincides with your unofficial 25th anniversary, because the core cast of anecdotes has existed since 1990. What were the most important stages of your career?

Nicklas Barker: One of the most important events was surely that I met Jan Erik [Liljeström, bassist; note] at a party where we found out that we were both big King Crimson fans. One year later we covered King Crimson songs, and after a concert Anna Sofi [Dahlberg, Keyboards] came up to us and asked if she could join us. When our first album "Vemod" came out, it was a big deal for us, and we were even invited to play at ProgFest in 1994.

eclipsed: Eight years have passed since your last studio album "A Time Of Day". What happened in the meantime?

Barker: First we went on tour and played in Japan, Europe, Norway and Finland. Then Jan Erik founded a family, and I myself became a bit restless. So I worked with the psychedelic rock band My Brother The Wind and wrote the soundtrack for a Spanish horror movie. In addition, I attended sound engineering courses and took singing and guitar lessons because I wanted to develop as a musician.

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