The anonymous permanent avant-gardists THE RESIDENTS arrive in the blues in search of themselves

27. July 2020

The Residents

Die anonymen Dauer-Avantgardisten THE RESIDENTS kommen auf der Suche nach sich selbst im Blues an

Who are the Residents? With absolute certainty this question will probably never be answered, because they will probably take their secret with them to the grave or have already taken it with them. The Beatles have been mythologized into the group just like Captain Beefheart. Homer Flynn describes himself as the spokesman for the eyeball band, which has been surprising with one new concept after another since the early 1970s, and it is to be assumed that he is the only remaining leader of the group after the death of Hardy Fox alias Charles Bobuck. Asked about the residents, he leans back in his armchair with relish and talks about the band in the third person.

With the double album "Metal, Meat & Bone" the formation continues their tradition of tribute albums to great American songwriters, only this time it is a figure whose existence is as nebulous as the band itself. "At the beginning of the Residents documentary 'Theory Of Obscurity' there is an interview with an older organist named Roland Sheehan, who attended college with the Residents. He in turn had a band with an albino blues singer called Alvin Snow. The Residents had always wanted to make an album around the idea of blues because they had grown up with the music of Howlin' Wolf and Bobby "Blue" Bland

Metal, Meat & Bone: The Songs of Dyin' Dog The Residents

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