The Art Of Sysyphus Vol. 101

21. January 2019


1. DREAM THEATER - Fall Into The Light (7:02) Album
: Distance Over Time (2019) Label/Distribution
: InsideOut/

On "Distance Over Time", DREAM THEATER tighten the screw again and serve up great melodies as you know them from albums like "Octavarium" and "Black Clouds & Silver Linings". "Fall Into The Light" offers the whole range from lusty riffs to feel-good harmonies. (RELEASE DATE: 22.02.)

2. SOEN - Martyrs (6:06) Album
: Lotus (2019) Label/Distribution
: Silver Lining/Warner

On their fourth album "Lotus" the prog/progmetal band SOEN around ex-Opeth drummer Martin Lopez explores the contrasts between hard and soft. With songs like "Martyrs" the group wants to encourage their listeners not to let dark phases get them down, but to take their lives into their own hands


The Norwegian band ORANGO has been delivering evergreens for years, so it was time to call an album that. Beside the longtrack "Evergreen" there are six other tracks, mostly in Southern Rock and Hardrock, of which the riff monster "Old Shores" could become a visiting card of the group

4. SHARON VAN ETTEN - Hands (4:08) Album
: Remind Me Tomorrow (2019) Label/Distribution
: Jagjaguwar/

The self-confident American singer-songwriter SHARON VAN ETTEN is back with a much more experimental, also electronic album, on which she processes her experiences in contemporary America. "Remind Me Tomorrow" is a haunting, captivating work - typical is the track "Hands".

5. WILLE AND THE BANDITS - Victim Of The Night (4:56) Album
: Paths (2019) Label/Distribution
: Farm Hand/Rough Trade

WILLE AND THE BANDITS have already been celebrated on Herzberg, but the trio around slide guitarist Wille Edwards wishes even more success. "Paths" offers many incentives: from driving blues and southern rock to non-violent hippie dreams, African rhythms, funky grooves and pop appeal like this track.

6. JAN LINDQVIST - Tonight (4:55) Album
: Superkarma (2019) Label/Distribution
: Grand Cru/In-Akustik

In 2016 JAN LINDQVIST joined Guru Guru Guru for the late Hans Reffert. Now you can get to know his guitar skills on his first solo album. Much archaic blues and the ability to reach psychedelic depths, as in "Tonight" with the lap steel guitar, are at the centre.

7. ANIMA MUNDI - Insomnia (7:13) Album
: Insomnia (2018) Label/Distribution
: Progressive Promotion

The symphonic prog of the Cubans ANIMA MUNDI reaches its climax on "Insomnia" in terms of King Crimson darkness and cinematic sound finesse. The technology-critical future concept is additional food for thought. The title track offers somnambule to spooky sounds with experimental weirdness.

8. MOES ANTHILL - Worthwhile Waiting (4:35) Album
: Quitter (2019) Label/Distribution
: TOURBOmusic/

A fine Americana record from a country from which one really does not expect an Americana. MOES ANTHILL are Swiss, but sound as if they had been discovered directly in the Arizona desert. Beautiful compositions like "Worthwhile Waiting", haunting arrangements and an all around successful album.

9. BRÖSELMASCHINE - Gedanken (edit) (4:56) Boxset
: It Was 50 Years Ago Today (5CD+2DVD) (2019) Label/Distribution
: MIG/Indigo

The opulent boxing set "It Was 50 Years Ago Today" documents the half-century career of BRÖSELMASCHINE, one of the most important herb/folk bands. The track "Gedanken" from the 1971 debut album reflects the dreamy and sensitive atmosphere of that time.

10. PAVALLION - Waves (10:36) Album
: Stratospheria (2018) Label/Distribution
: Tonzonen/H'Art

40 minutes, three tracks. These are the bare facts about PAVALLION's second album. The Krefelder Quartett packs into these three tracks a mixture of New Artrock, spacy sounds and Doom, with repetitive structures, hypnotic grooves and the heaviness of two lead guitars, which is as unconventional as it is brilliant.