The Art Of Sysyphus Vol. 102

18. March 2019


1. RPWL - Give Birth To The Sun (8:58) Album
: Tales From Outer Space (2019) Label/Distribution
: Gentle Art Of Music/

Space, infinite vastness. We are writing the year 2019 and entering foreign worlds with RPWL. The people of Freising do SciFi - and yet only hold a mirror up to earthly mankind. "Give Birth To The Sun" is the atmospheric-spacige highlight on this journey. Crazy Moog sounds and guitar/synthie battles.

2. THE CLAYPOOL LENNON DELIRIUM - Amethyst Realm (7:47) Album
: South Of Reality (2019) Label/Distribution
: PIAS/Rough Trade

"South Of Reality", the second album of THE CLAYPOOL LENNON DELIRIUM, is a whimsical psychedelic pop record in the tradition of the late sixties Beatles and Frank Zappa albums. In "Amethyst Realm", the duo, who like to spur themselves on to top performances in the studio, even sets a progressive exclamation mark.

3. T - The End Where We Begin - That Thought You Lost At Home (edit) (5:48) Album
: Solipsystemology (2019) Label/Distribution
: GEP/

On the last part of his trilogy the Hanoverian multi-instrumentalist T pulls out all the stops of his ability: thunderstorms of sound break into the listener, interrupted by beautiful melodies and garnished with thoughtful lyrics. This track puts the melodic element in the foreground.

4. TAL WILKENFELD - Hard To Be Alone (4:52) Album
: Love Remains (2019) Label/Distribution
: BMG/

One of the rockiest songs on TAL WILKENFELDS second solo album is "Hard To Be Alone". The 32-year-old Australian singer-songwriter and fusion bassist sounds almost like Ann Wilson von Heart in the end. And this is a compliment that can be transferred to the entire, musically very variable album.

5. KRISSY MATTHEWS - Monster In Me (4:03) Album
: Monster In Me (2019) Label/Distribution
: MIG/

The title track ends the new album of the new English blues rock guitar hero KRISSY MATTHEWS. He is typical for the 26-year-old, because you can listen to his very old role models (Muddy Waters, B.B. King) as well as his middle-aged role models (Led Zeppelin, Free) - and because he also has a nice hookline.

6. BLACK LUNG - Mother Of The Sun (5:38) Album
: Ancients (2019) Label/Distribution
: Noisolution/

"Mother Of The Sun" gives us a fitting introduction to the dark world of the Flying Eyes side project. BLACK LUNG have long since left the shadow of the main band, although they love to act out of it. "Ancients is a fever dream come true in psychoactive dark blues.

7. GREEN DESERT TREE - The Beast Of Prey (7:31) Album
: Progressive Worlds (2019) Label/Distribution
: Green Desert Tree/

The Berlin formation GREEN DESERT TREE is one of the most exciting German Progrock newcomers of the last months. On their debut album, the band doesn't weed out prog clichés x times, but tries to get their own note. In songs like "The Beast Of Prey" she uses dissonances and jazzy harmonies.

8. UNITED PROGRESSIVE FRATERNITY - Loss Anthem & One More (5:50)
Album: Planetary Overload - Part 1: Loss (2019)
Label/Distribution: GEP/

UNITED PROGRESSIVE FRATERNITY's second album deals with the global problem of overpopulation with all its risks and side effects. The collective's music is surprisingly bright - but unlike its predecessor, it is also more lasting, varied and intense.

9. TROJKA - Orkan (3:44) Album
: Tre Ut (2019) Label/Distribution
: Apollon/Plastic Head/

The Norwegian band TROJKA plays entertaining Prog-Jazz on their second album "Tre Ut", which radiates coolness, joy of playing and a certain retro-futurism. With the bell-like Fender Rhodes, which shapes pieces like the instrumental "hurricane", the band sounds quite distinctive. And also the groove is very important here.

10. DARJEELING - There'll Come A Time (3:57) Album
: Hokus Pokus (2019) Label/Distribution
: Listen/Broken

The second album of the Wuppertal band DARJEELING captivates with its bold mixture of psychedelic pop with a lot of 60s appeal, soul borrowings, indie sounds and a penchant for staging. The songs function like a radio play, an acoustic journey that brings together sounds that one has rarely heard in this connection.