The Art Of Sysyphus Vol. 103

20. May 2019


1. JOHNNY BOB - Fjodor And The Watergiant (7:47) Album
: Fjodor And The Watergiant (2019) Label/Distribution
: Kombüse

The second album of JOHNNY BOB is aimed at lovers of classical prog bands like Genesis, Camel or Yes. The helium voice of singer Trafo reminds of the latter, the compositions of the former. The partly invented stories, with which the Hamburg band surrounds itself, increase the joy of this concept album. Coming out shortly as a two album CD together with the debut.

2. HUIS - Abandoned (8:21) Album
: Abandoned (2019) Label/Distribution
: Unicorn Digital/Just For

HUIS are the second project of mystery guitarist Michel St-Père. Their third album "Abandoned" is a conceptual work whose songs deal with mourning, separation and alienation - but also with hope. The title song goes through several emotional phases and is crowned by a synthie solo á la "The Cinema Show".

3. IZZ - Don't Panic (4:24) Album
: Don't Panic (2019) Label/Distribution
: Doone/Just For

With their ninth studio album, the New York ensemble IZZ is a real Prog highlight. The title track offers everything that distinguishes the band and is one of a total of five wonderfully composed pieces full of brilliant ideas, beguiling melodies, intricate parts and surprising twists.

4. ALLUSINLOVE - All Good People (4:43) Album
: It's Okay To Talk (2019) Label/Distributor
: Good Soldier Songs/

If Queens Of The Stone Age would play Glam Rock, it would probably sound like this song. ALLUSINLOVE interweave traditional rock elements with modern alternatives on their debut album. They unleash irresistible hooks, original guitar solos and pure energy. "All Good People" has it all.

5. SEVEN STEPS TO THE GREEN DOOR - Come To Your Father (10:04) Album
: The?Lie (The?Book, part 2) (2019) Label/Distribution
: Progressive Promotion

SEVEN STEPS TO THE GREEN DOOR around Marek Arnold also shine in the second part of their mammoth project with subtle arrangements, wonderful melodies and a mysterious story, which is also graphically fantastically translated in the lyric book. This is how prog should be: adventurous, epic and inspiring the imagination.

6. POLIS - Tropfen (5:42) Album
: Weltklang (2019) Label/Distribution

The Saxon band POLIS is preparing to continue the progressive tradition of their federal state with a strong album in their third output "Weltklang" which will be released this summer. The guitar-driven "Tropfen" represents her lyrical approach in the area of tension between progressive, neo-herbal and Seventies rock.

7. CYRIL - My Own Reflection (6:44) Album
: The Way Through (2019) Label/Distribution
: Progressive Promotion

CYRIL's new album is about a patient in a state between life and death. "My Own Reflection" is a look inside his soul and a prime example of elegant, light-footed art rock - with one of the most catchy choruses on the album and the soprano saxophone as a dash of colour.

8. RENDEZVOUS POINT - Digital Waste (4:20) Album
: Universal Chaos (2019) Label/Distribution
: Long Branch/SPV

The Norwegian quintet RENDEZVOUS POINT around Leprous drummer Baard Kolstad serves up modern progmetal on "Universal Chaos", which captivates with its intensified use of electronica and a lot of atmosphere. "Digital Waste" shows that the band likes to break up traditional song structures and attaches great importance to drama.

9. PER WIBERG - Fader (9:57) Album
: Head Without Eyes (2019) Label/Distribution
: Despotz/

PER WIBERG is active as keyboarder of the Spiritual Beggars and as bassist of Kamchatka. On his debut album "Head Without Eyes" (doomy-atmospheric rock meets stoner) the Swede plays all instruments except the drums himself. The gloomy "fader" begins cautiously, but explodes after almost seven minutes.

10. MT. AMBER - Stay (5:32) Album
: Another Moon (2019) Label/Distribution

In 2015 Smalltape mastermind Philipp Nespital called with MT. AMBER is a side project in life. The debut album "Another Moon" contains ten songs, which all go in the direction of Artpop and New Artrock à la Steven Wilson. The vocally strong ballad "Stay" would be perfect for a blockbuster