The Art Of Sysyphus Vol. 104

19. August 2019


1. OPETH - Dignity (6:35) Album
: In Cauda Venenum (2019) (Release: 27.9.) Label/Distribution
: Nuclear Blast/

"In Cauda Venenum" is about to become another milestone in the huge OPETH discography, as the dazzling variety of "Dignity" already proves. Dark hardness paired with fragile folk elements, symphonic bombast and a phenomenal vocal performance by bandleader Mikael Åkerfeldt. (RELEASE DATE: 27.9.)

2. IQ - A Missile (6:43) Album
: Resistance (2019) (Release: 6.9.) Label/Distribution
: GEP/

On their almost two-hour double album "Resistance" IQ pull out all the stops of their ability. Of the eleven songs, three exceed the 15-minute mark, and with the opener "A Missile" the group delivers one of the most violent tracks in their 38-year history - including organ and mellotron attacks. (RELEASE DATE: 27.9.)

3. THE BLUE POETS - Angry Man (4:04) Album
: All It Takes (2019) Label/Distribution
: Triple Coil/Broken

THE BLUE POETS is the new vehicle of master guitarist Marcus Deml, who goes with his troupe where The Brew haven't made it before. The title of "Angry Man" is program: The opener of the second studio album "All It Takes" goes aggressively into the full and sets the direction

4. ELOY - An Instant Of Relief...Still The War Rages On (6:26) Album
: The Vision, The Sword And The Pyre (Part II) (2019) (Release: 27.9.) Label/Distribution
: Artist Station/

What have ELOY fans been waiting for! At the end of September the second part of Frank Bornemann's saga about the freedom fighter Jeanne d'Arc will be released, which is more dynamic and Eloy-typical than Part I. At the opener "An Instant Of Relief..." you hear a medieval choir, followed by very rocky sounds. (RELEASE DATE: 27.9.)

5. THE ALLMAN BETTS BAND - Shinin' (4:28) Album
: Down To The River (2019) Label/Distribution

ALLMAN BETTS BAND consists of Devon Allman, Duane Betts and Berry Oakley Jr., whose fathers once played in the legendary Allman Brothers Band. The Southern Rock style of the ancestors is taken up on the debut album "Down To The River" and enriched with slide flights in "Shinin'".

6. KLONE - Sealed (4:45) Album
: Le Grand Voyage (2019) (Release: 20.9.) Label/Distribution
: Kscope/

The French art rockers KLONE have succeeded in creating a masterpiece. "Le Grand Voyage" deals with great human questions with songs full of melodies of longing, brilliantly arranged and produced crystal clear. "Sealed" is just one of nine pieces that are as powerful as they are fragile and have a long lasting effect. (RELEASE DATE: 20.9.)

7. STEVE WAITT - Make You Mine (3:49) Album
: Another Day Blown Bright (2019) Label/Distribution
: Make My Day/

He has simply put together the best songs he has written in the last two to three years, says STEVE WAITT about his new album. He doesn't have to be that modest, because the eleven songs on "Another Day Blown Bright" are best classical US rock with sparkling melodies and rhythms.

8. EYEVORY - Unrest (4:59) Album
: Aurora (2019) (Release: 27.9.) Label/Distribution
: Artist Station/

"Unrest", the opener of the new album of the northern lights EYEVORY, starts with a spacy keyboard and then surprises with guitar boards. The two clear female voices, which together with the transverse flute open up wide spaces, sound familiar, but this time, in keeping with the earthly themes, they rock harder.

9. THE TRANCE - Palace Of My Dreams (5:35) Album
: Farewell To A World Untorn (1998/2019) Label/Distribution

The German Ohrwaschl label has lifted a sunken pearl of the neo-psychedelic from the reason for forgetting. The Austrians THE TRANCE have dedicated themselves to the acid beat psych of the 60s on their only album released in 1998. The songs are cheeky, weird and easy to like.

10. WELTRAUM - The Sea (10:29) Album
: NYX (2019) Label/Distribution
: Tonzonen/

Nyx is the Greek goddess of the night. After a long break the new album of the Space-Jam collective WELTRAUM leads us into the blackness of inner and outer space. Psychedelic guitars like a maelstrom of stars. "The Sea" is a wonderful example of the slowly increasing eruptive qualities.