The Art Of Sysyphus Vol. 97

19. March 2018


KINO - I Won't Break So Easily Any More (5:26)
Album: Radio Voltaire (2018)
Label/Distribution: InsideOut/Sony

There is no sign on "Radio Voltaire" that 13 years have passed since the KINO debut "Picture" was released. John Mitchell and Pete Trewavas have managed to preserve the special spirit of their little "Supergroup" and now let it out of the bottle again. And with a lot of verve.

BLACKBERRY SMOKE - Flesh And Bone (4:31)
Album: Find A Light (2018)
Label/Distribution: Earache/ADA/Warner

The Southern rockers from Atlanta have created a broadside with "Find A Light". The opener "Flesh And Bone" comes like a sparking burnout. BLACKBERRY SMOKE would do well as a musical program at every motorcycle meeting anyway. Skirt for the pit of the stomach, not for the head.

MALINA MOYE - A Little Rough (5:33)
Album: Bad As I Wanna Be (2018)
Label/Distribution: Leopard/GoodToGo

For MALINA MOYE, who is stuck between Prince, Living Colour and Eric Gales, this sampler track is slightly untypical. While the guitarist and singer on the new album often acts quite funky and sexy, "A Little Rough" is rather violent and snotty and goes towards The Runaways with Lita Ford

SAMMAL - Herran Pelko (4:44)
Album: Suuliekki (2018)
Label/Distribution: Svart/Cargo

Right at the beginning a massive keyboard that leads into a melody, in the tradition of ELP or Scandinavian prog heroes like Burnin Red Ivanhoe or Savage Rose. The quintet SAMMAL comes from Finnish Turku, sings in their native language - and feels connected to the bizarre prog tradition of their homeland.

PHI - Children Of The Rain (edit) (6:44)
Album: Cycles (2018)
Label/Distribution: Gentle Art Of Music/Soulfood

On their fourth album "Cycles", the Austrian quartet PHI offers the finest head cinema. The production has a lot of depth, and the increasing metal and electronica part gives the songs new dimensions. Children Of The Rain" is a fusion of tool influences, brachial riffs and great melodies

STARSABOUT - Million Light Years (8:35)
Album: Longing For Home (2018)
Label/Distribution: Progressive Promotion

On their second album, the four-piece Polish formation STARSABOUT intensively explores the possibilities of combining melancholy, atmosphere and pop music; their demanding Dreampop tracks work towards this final track, which slowly unfolds its rich facet and expands Artpop towards New Artrock.

VVLVA - Black Sands (7:31)
Album: Path Of Virtue (2018)
Label/Distribution: World In Sound/Rough

The revival of the Hammond organ is in full swing. In addition to international scene greats such as Siena Root, the Aschaffenburg quintet VVLVA is now also making a name for itself with these glorious seventies trademarks. "Black Sands" lets go of Bach organ, hard rock guitar and high-flying harmony songs like Heep and Purple once did.

TRAIL - No. 8 (9:18)
Album: Spaces (2018)
Label/Distribution: Clostridium

It's got everything in it that's name and shit: stoner, psych, retro, grunge. And even better: it's fresh, clever, powerful and elegant at the same time. TRAIL from Darmstadt do everything right on their debut and have fun from the first to the last second. Conclusion: Celebrate and look forward to what may yet come.

THULSA DOOM - Eloquent Profanity (4:59)
Album: A Keen Eye For The Obvious (2018)
Label/Distribution: Dupley/Soulfood

For more than a decade fans had to wait for the fourth longplayer of the Norwegian Stoner icon THULSA DOOM. On "A Keen Eye For The Obvious" the band is now more melodic than ever without completely throwing their trademarks overboard. "Eloquent Profanity" demonstrates this in hymnal catchiness.

VANTOMME - Equal Minds (9:59)
Album: Vegir (2018)
Label/Distribution: MoonJune

With his band VANTOMME keyboarder Dominique Vantomme dedicates himself to modern fusion sounds on "Vegir". Guitarist Michel Delville likes to steer the music into more experimental realms, while bass legend Tony Levin takes care of the bass base. "Equal Minds" explores the manifold interests of those involved.