The Art Of Sysyphus Vol. 98

4. October 2018


1. THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA - Turn To Miami (4:53)
Album: Sometimes The World Ain't Enough (2018)
Label/Distribution: Nuclear Blast/Warner

THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA from Sweden have been producing songs for years that Journey, Toto or Asia missed to record in their heyday. The soon to be released new album is again full of melodic rock gems. The exclusive prelude song "Turn To Miami" sounds like a classic rock soundtrack to "Miami Vice".

2. SUBSIGNAL - La Muerta (Single edit) (3:47)
Album: La Muerta (2018)
Label/Distribution: Gentle Art Of Music/Soulfood

On "La Muerta" (named after the scythewoman Santa Muerte, who is worshipped in Latin America) the Munich prog rockers SUBSIGNAL find their way back to their old form. Only few bands manage the tightrope walk between prog-complexity and AOR-hooklines as convincing as the title track proves

3. LUNATIC SOUL - Under The Fragmented Sky (4:59)
Album: Under The Fragmented Sky (2018)
Label/Distribution: Kscope/Edel

Mariusz Duda had not convinced some fans with his last LUNATIC SOUL album "Fractured", which contained many elements from Dub, House and Ambient. Now he brings them back on board with a wonderfully atmospheric and more balanced work. Dark Wave and New Artrock, combined with experimental attitude - very exciting. Album of the month!

4. RIVERSEA - Shine (4:53)
Album: The Tide (2018)
Label/Distribution: Riversea/Just For Kicks

What a moving refrain! What a great guitar solo! I don't know why RIVERSEA hasn't gone beyond the status of an insider tip yet. With the second, touching album of the English art rockers around the great singer Marc Atkinson this will change. I'm sure!

5. RYLEY WALKER - Telluride Speed (6:19)
Album: Deafman Glance (2018)
Label/Distribution: Dead Oceans/Cargo

On "Deafman Glance" folkrocker RYLEY WALKER experiments with weirder arrangements and brings in more improvisations than before. However, the album also contains dreamy songs like "Telluride Speed", which first awakens memories of the Laurel Canyon music scene, but after four minutes picks up speed. Album of the month 05/18.

6. HARTMANN - Simple Man (feat. Eric Martin) (4:37)
Album: Hands On The Wheel (2018)
Label/Distribution: Sonic 11/Pride & Joy/Soulfood

In the meantime Oliver HARTMANN (among others Echoes, Avantasia, Rock Meets Classic) is so well connected that he can challenge someone like Mr.Big singer Eric Martin to a duet. The common song "Simple Man" is a catchy tune, but there are also some strong classic rockers on the new album.

7. TOMORROW'S EVE - Terminal (4:59)
Album: Mirror Of Creation III - Project Ikaros (2018)
Label/Distribution: Baze/Soulfood

After a break of ten years the German progmetal band TOMORROW'S EVE are back with "Mirror Of Creation III - Project Ikaros". With Mike LePond (Symphony X) and John Macaluso (Ark) the band has an excellent rhythm section that gives powerful songs like "Terminal" additional impetus.

8. ATME - Trickster (4:59)
Album: State Of Necessity (2018)
Label/Distribution: self-publication

Poland has transformed itself into Walhalla the Prog'n'Artrock in recent years. ATME is a band whose debut album is a complete success. A song like "Trickster" is one of the most energetic examples, whose parallels to a band with a double "o" in the name are certainly no oversight. (Review: eclipsed 05/2018)

9. SHAKEY GRAVES - Climb On The Cross (4:08)
Album: Can't Wake Up (2018)
Label/Distribution: Dualtone/eOne/SPV

Detached from its Americana roots, SHAKEY GRAVES creates a wonderfully dreamy mixture of 60s psychedelic and modern indie pop understanding. The protagonist of a nostalgic film would stroll around whistling melancholically to "Climb On The Cross", the hipster contentedly twists his beard.

10. SYRINX CALL - Traces In My Mind (5:34)
Album: The Moon On A Stick (2018)
Label/Distributed by: Afraid Of Sunlight/Cargo

Recorder player Volker Kuinke and studio magician Jens Lueck make a big step towards prog on the second SYRINX CALL album. Despite Feenzauber (with singer Isgaard) and soundtrack character, there is also a lot of progging. Best example: the medieval Eloy homage "Traces In My Mind".