Back in the spotlight - SAGAhaft's comeback planned for 2020

10. February 2020


Zurück im Rampenlicht - SAGAhaftes Comeback für 2020 geplant

The self-imposed retirement did not last long. In January 2017, the Canadian prog institution SAGA officially announced that after the upcoming "The Final Chapter" tour, the band will return to the concert arenas in spring 2020 under the motto "Out Of The Shadows", but without bassist Jim Crichton. And there are also some news concerning the music.

eclipsed: It was just a quick goodbye to live performances. Why do you return so quickly, Michael?

Michael Sadler: Right. I didn't expect it so soon myself. The fans at the time were afraid: "Oh God, this is the end of Saga." But I said from the beginning that we only closed the door, but not locked it. Basically it was just an emergency brake after all the relentless touring of the last years. We just needed a break. And to be honest with you: After our little goodbye, we're getting more offers than ever before (laughs). Fans and promoters alike have told us: "It's time to go back!" But it had to make sense to ourselves. After a successful time-out for us and our families, the batteries are now recharged and we are back to full play.

eclipsed: Probably the biggest change is that founding member, songwriter and bassist Jim Crichton is no longer with us. Why did he retire and will he still support the band?

Sadler: Oh, we are in the middle of the process of recording new music with Jim. He's only retired from touring, not from the creative process. I myself have always said in all this endless touring: The moment it feels like a job to make money, I'll stop. And I think Jim has probably reached that point. I already had my time off. We're all just people

eclipsed: How did you find substitute Dusty Chesterfield and how does he fit into the band?

Sadler: Dusty had already played together with Mike Thorne, our drummer, for the last years. The rhythm section of a band has to stand. When drummer and bassist have to find each other, it's hard. Dusty also already knew our songs. The perfect choice and a harmonious transition, also in human terms.

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