CARAVAN - Canterbury lives!

7. November 2021


CARAVAN - Canterbury lebt!

The year is 1968: A young band from the British county of Kent called Caravan co-founded the so-called "Canterbury Sound", musically somewhere between folk, jazz, pop, rock and psychedelic. The self-titled first album is released. At least a commercial success. More than 50 years later the quintet still exists. And with "It's None Of Your Business" they present a studio work that seamlessly recalls the peaceful and joyful times of yesteryear. Founding member Pye Hastings, singer and guitarist of the group, now 74 years old, talks about the meaning of Caravan in a rock context.

eclipsed: Why did you make us wait almost eight years for a new studio album?

Pye Hastings: That is indeed a long time. But you have to remember that we've been living in a pandemic for almost two years. That's kind of a shock for artists who are used to sitting in a room together to work on new songs. Before Covid-19 caught us off guard, I was also tinkering with my solo project, From The Half House. Everyone else in Caravan had their solo stories going on too, so why not me? ... Anyway, the ten songs on "It's None Of Your Business" are "pure Caravan". In other words, music that is completely out of time. Which I understand as a compliment.

eclipsed: What do the Caravan of 2021 have to do with the Caravan of the early 70s, your musical wedding?

Hastings: We had quite a few line-up changes since the mid 70s. As a result, we were always reinventing ourselves musically. The current formation has now returned to the strengths of the early years. And the first reactions to the new work prove that the fans see it very similarly.

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