CD-Sampler: Music From Time And Space 79

14. November 2021


1.CONFUSION FIELD - Nothing Holds The Storm (4:59)
Album: Disconnection Complete (2021)
Label/Distribution: Confusion Field/Just For Kicks

Finnish multi-instrumentalist Tomi Kankainen presents his first thoroughbred prog record with the debut of CONFUSION FIELD. It can best be described as "Riverside goes 80s". Atmospheric modern prog anthems with floydy sequences and metal parts succeed, like in "Nothing Holds The Storm"

2.SPIDERGAWD - Narcissus' Eye (4:59)
Album: VI (LP+CD) (2021)
Label/Distribution: Crispin Glover/Soulfood

On their sixth album the Norwegians SPIDERGAWD impress with the power of twin guitars and bow to the heroes of the seventies. The Rainbow/Black Sabbath cross-references in "Narcissus' Eye" do the rest to make the record (which is only released as LP with enclosed CD) a hoard of energy bundles.

3. DAILY THOMPSON - Nimbus (Radio edit) (4:34)
Album: God Of Spinoza (2021)
Label/Distribution: Noisolution/Soulfood

After the massive space opera in stoner rock, "Oumuamua", we are grounded again by "God Of Spinoza". The stoner elements peppered with subtle psychoactive gimmicks are present on the current DAILY THOMPSON album as well, but the heavy rocking trio also pays homage to bands like Sonic Youth here.

4.CURSE OF LONO - Let Your Love Rain Down On Me (4:22)
Album: People In Cars (2021)
Label/Distribution: Submarine Cat/Rough Trade

Almost as an acoustic counterpart to Mike Mandel's picture book of the same name, musical sketches of tragic, sad-comic and romantic incidents are drawn. Much of it seems more introverted, but the road movie character of earlier CURSE OF LONO albums still shines through, as on this track

5.LESS IS LESSIE - Blue Steel (Less Is More) feat. Michał Wojtas (5:32)
Album: The Escape Plan (2021)
Label/Distribution: OSKAR/

LESS IS LESSIE are the next progressive hopefuls from Poland. Their acoustic city tour "The Escape Plan" impresses with the combination of street scenes and atmospheric songs. "Blue Steel (Less Is More)" is the first single from the album, featuring guest Michał Wojtas (Amarok)

6.MONARCH TRAIL - Wither Down (10:49)
Album: Wither Down (2021)
Label/Distribution: Monarch Trail/Just For Kicks

Pearly piano playing heralds this track from MONARCH TRAIL. Shortly thereafter, the droning drums join in, followed by the mellotron and an ingratiating voice, all unbeatable in its unpredictability. This is prog in all its strength. And the entry into an album that sounds timeless in the best sense.

7.CLOSURE IN MOSCOW - Kissing Cousins (4:03)
Album: First Temple (2009/2021)
Label/Distribution: Birdʼs Robe/Bertus

An exciting Australian band is currently to be discovered (again). CLOSURE IN MOSCOW are something like Coheed And Cambria from Down Under, as the opener of the 2009 album "First Temple" proves. The helium voice of Christopher de Cinque and the insane instrumental spectacle are top class.

8.CASPER SKULLS - Ouija (3:44)
Album: Knows No Kindness (2021)
Label/Distribution: Next Door/Bertus

A guitar like falling autumn leaves, over which a voice settles like warm sunshine, before the tempo picks up and dark clouds hang over the serene mood, bringing the first snow. An impressionistic post-folk song. Three and a half minutes that describe an entire season.

9.MADMESS - Albatross (9:50)
Album: Rebirth (2021)
Label/Distribution: Hassle/Cargo

Truly, the "Albatross" is just such a one - big, sleek and also a little stubborn. The instrumental opener of the MADMESS debut album, however, only initially exudes the melancholy of the Fleetwood Mac classic of the same name. Later it develops into an exceedingly colourful psychedelic rocker.

10. SCHL@G!-America Is Dying And The World Will Pay The Price (8:29)
Album: III - Ambiguity Of Wisdom (2021)
Label/Distribution: Amygdaland/Just For Kicks

A sober commentary on the world situation, yet staged with passion. Krautrock pioneers like Faust send their regards with this jam of elements of jazz, indigenous folklore and rock. Besides the explosive content, the song is also a crazy journey back in time to the sound aesthetics of the seventies