CD Sampler: Song Pearls 1972

3. July 2022


1. NEKTAR - Desolation Valley/Waves (8:13)
Album: A Tab In The Ocean (Bacillus/Bellaphon)
Also on: Blowing Free - Underground & Progressive Sounds Of 1972 (4CD Boxset, 2022) (Esoteric/Tonpool)

Although NEKTAR, residing in this country at that time, belonged to the progressive oriented bands, they managed to break through commercially into the mainstream with the album "A Tab In The Ocean". This was certainly due to the artwork of surrealist Helmut Wenske, but also to the ability to combine atmosphere, imaginative passages and feeling in a loose flow of playing.

2. TWENTY SIXTY SIX AND THEN - At My Home (4:58)
Album: Reflections On The Future
(1972/2017, CD) (MIG/375 Media)

Despite some reissues, this rock/progressive gem is still relatively unknown. With the strong vocals of the later Kin Ping Meh singer Geff Harrison, the band celebrated a hard rock sound. This is the crisp original version of the United Artists album and not the more playful one of the retrospective.

3. FRAME - Frame Of Mind (4:12)
Album: Frame Of Mind
(1972/2017, CD) (Bacillus/Bellaphon)

FRAME's only album was released on the Bellaphon offshoot Bacillus, but was rather atypical for the label's basic orientation. The beautifully melodic track is an excellent example for the soft basic mood of the album, which, however, also achieves its effect through rock elements and slightly progressive parts.

4. PROCOL HARUM - Conquistador (Live with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra) (4:14)
Album: Live In Concert With The Edmonton Symphony Orchestra
(1972/2009, CD) (Strongman Productions under exclusive license to Cherry Red Records Ltd.)

From the very beginning PROCOL HARUM had a penchant for drama, excellent use of dynamics and, of course, bombastic compositions. Through the orchestral accompaniment, the majestically arranged piece of the debut album was given even more nuances and intermediate tones, so that this is really great cinema in widescreen format.

5. OUT OF FOCUS - When I'm Sleeping (4:06)
Album: Four Letter Monday Afternoon
(1972/2010, CD) (Kuckuck Schallplatten/Naxos Germany)

The Munich band released their three albums on the renowned Kuckuck label, transforming themselves rapidly and creatively. On the latest disc, they fuse their fundamentally melancholic/psychedelic mood with flawless jazz brass. The focus is on a performance that sounds as live as possible.

6. PELL MELL - The Clown And The Queen (8:39)
Album: Marburg
(1972/2018, LP) (Bacillus/Bellaphon)

The band from Marburg is counted among the classic Bacillus acts. The cover was again designed by Hanau surrealist Helmut Wenske. Compared to following albums PELL MELL played here still organic progressive tracks that never seemed artificial, but rather grounded. Thereby musical ability and wealth of ideas are shown.

7. ODIN - Turnpike Lane (3:42)
Album: Odin
(1972/2007, CD/2020, LP) (Longhair)

Not many bands were honored with a release on the German offshoot of Vertigo Swirl. Besides Frumpy, Agitation Free and Lucifer's Friend, the Brits were among the chosen ones. Hard rock sounds, sophisticated song structures and an overpowering Hammond organ unite to create a soundscape that also wins through experimentation.

8. EILIFF - King Of The Frogs (5:44)
Album: Girlrls
(1972/1994, CD/2015, LP) (Longhair)

The so-called "hooker cover" caused an outcry of indignation. But the band around Rainer Brünninghaus crossed even more boundaries. They stood for an uncomplex jazz/jazz rock, where everything seemed possible without the music sounding too complicated. Nevertheless, a tendency towards the avant-garde and playfulness can be detected.

9. MYTHOS - Oriental Journey (8:16)
Album: Mythos
(1972/2022, CD), (Pilz/Breeze Music/Cargo)

With their later albums MYTHOS mainly lived out in electronic realms, but on their debut natural sounds were still in focus. Trippy, spacey, far out - here ethno, a touch of electronics, psychedelia and playful avant-garde come together. The track is one of the most beautiful Kraut songs produced in Germany.

10. DEMON'S EYE - Highway Star (live) (Deep Purple Cover) (6:55)
Track: Previously unreleased, recorded live at Musiktheater Piano, Dortmund, 05.11.2021
Original: Deep Purple "Machine Head", 1972

Who could interpret "Highway Star" more competently than the German flagship Deep Purple tribute act DEMON'S EYE? This "unmixed" soundboard recording proves how good and perfect they have the song. Especially Mark Zyk has internalized "his Blackmore". In addition, the band plays it in the original tempo, in contrast to Purple nowadays.