CHANDELIER - Class reunion at the Loreley

31. July 2019


CHANDELIER - Klassentreffen auf der Loreley

Chandelier's narrow oeuvre is now available again with the release of the last album "Timecode". Like the two previous albums, this one is also available as a double-decker. The German Neoprogband celebrates the end of their reissue campaign with a unique reunion performance at the "Night Of The Prog".

It took a long time until the three studio albums of one of the most important German Neoprogbands were available again. This is astonishing because Chandelier never had to hide behind international competition with their sound. Their debut "Pure" (1990) and their successor "Facing Gravity" (1992) were back on the market in 2018. Now "Timecode" (1997) was added. Last autumn eclipsed had met with three of Chandelier's founding members: Guitarist Udo Lang, bassist Christoph Tiber and singer Martin Eden. There is a need for further calls due to "time code". But above all because of the fact that there will be a unique reunion concert at the Loreley on July 19th as part of the "Night Of The Prog".

eclipsed: I quote from our conversation last year. We asked if there were any plans to revive Chandelier. Here are your answers:

Udo Lang: I never say never.

Christoph Tiber: I completely rule out a reunion. After all, we have families and exciting jobs outside of music. Besides, we're in our 50s, so what are you doing?

Martin Eden: I have a wonderful wife and two great sons. So there's no ambition to revive it. Kind of a shame.

eclipsed: Now it's different. What is the reason for your unique return to the stage?

Tiber: I don't remember ever saying that is probably because of age. (laughs) Meanwhile I think it's with the James Bond title "Never Sag Never Never" that the band will be reunited beyond the Loreley gig. By the way, I'm nervous as hell: complete déjà-vu, sharing a stage with people you haven't done that with in 25 years.

Lang: I want to do this concert first. I have no other options or plans. I'll wait and see.

Eden: There's a good chance I'm ruling out a real reunion. For the simple reason that we live in different places. It's been great to meet regularly these past few months. But that's probably over after the Loreley story.

eclipsed: Let's talk about "Timecode", in which Christoph was not involved. How do you feel about your last work?

Lang: Because we had a new drummer and a new bass player on board, we sounded more like rock than prog. In addition, the other two albums were recorded largely analog, while "Timecode" was recorded purely digitally. Something like that changes the sound.

Eden: I like all our windows, each in its own way. Just because they're so different. But it is a liberating beautiful feeling that we have completed our œuvre and that it is available again in impressive quality.

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