CHANDELIER - New Nut Noise

26. November 2018


CHANDELIER - Neuss-Noise

Chandeliers did not belong to the greats of the Neoprog scene of the early nineties. But the quintet from Neuss had its fans. In fact, Chandelier didn't have to hide their sound from international luminaries like Marillion, IQ or Pendragon. Now the narrow back catalogue of the band appears again in two stages, digitally mastered by Eroc.

It is a Polish label that re-releases the three albums of the North Rhine-Westphalian band Chandelier. GAD Records released "Pure" (1990) and the successor "Facing Gravity" (1992) as double CD sets with bonus tracks. At the beginning of 2019 it adds "Timecode" (1997). We spoke to three of the founding members on this occasion. Guitarist Udo Lang (53), bassist Christoph Tiber (50) and singer Martin Eden (54) look back on their band, which can now be rediscovered by a new audience.

eclipsed: Your old records are coming out new. A fine thing..

Udo Lang: Above all, I'm happy about the fact that our complete works will really be published. So not just the three regular studio albums, but all the bonus tracks we've recorded during our career, live or in the studio. Eroc's got the most out of it!

Martin Eden: I am very satisfied with the results. With this I can put this really exciting chapter of my life aside.

Christoph Tiber: I was surprised that it was a Polish company of all companies that opted for the new edition. What an honor!

eclipsed: Which stations of your career did you remember?

Eden: I spontaneously remember the term friendship. Looking back, it's clear to me that I was the one in the band who mediated between the so different characters. Not always easy..

Lang: That we were allowed to play at Fish in the supporting program. He's been a great hero of mine for decades.

eclipsed: How do you classify the relevance of Chandelier in the German prog scene?

Lang: I think they knew us quite well in the domestic scene.

Tiber: Not surprisingly, since the scene in the early 90s was quite manageable. (laughs)

Eden: Right, we had hardly any competition in Germany.

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