2. October 2018

Crippled Black Phoenix

CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX - Lieder gegen die Angst

Brexit? Money worries? Depression? Justin Greaves, mastermind of Crippled Black Phoenix, has scared away the demons that plagued him and made room for what he can control and influence. First of all, this includes "Great Escape", the latest release of the British art and progrock formation.

Crippled Black Phoenix and their songwriter and guitarist Justin Greaves have been through hard times. The new album "Great Escape" exudes a spirit of new beginnings in many respects. The British man explains his recipe against dark forces in a conversation.

eclipsed: Your new songs sound more liberated than ever, at the same time lyrics and song titles are more biting than ever. Which aspects of world affairs are of particular interest to you at the moment?

Justin Greaves: We're not a political band, but like every other person we worry about the things that happen around us. Our songs reflect all this, especially the feelings that arise from it. It used to be no different.

eclipsed: In "Nebulas" you become unusually direct and denounce violence against animals.

Greaves: We are very proud of this song. Belinda's lyrics are about apologizing for the cruelty that humans inflict on animals. We're on the same page on the subject. This has nothing to do with vegan propaganda. Let everyone decide for themselves what they eat.

eclipsed: You described the video for "Great Escape (Pt. I)" as something very personal. What's behind all this?

Greaves: The red thread of the whole album starts from a point of resignation. I wanted to say: I want all the fucking things to stop. It's things that make life hard as a musician or creative in the UK, not just since the Brexit. It's getting more and more expensive to go on tour. Still, we want it badly. The dark clouds are everywhere. There's this longing for something to finally get better. If this hope didn't exist, the band would no longer exist. (laughs) Music can be, in the sense of the title, an escape. But above all the music will win in the end. In the video there is not only darkness, but also a small train. This stands for leading people and animals to a better place.

Crippled Black Phoenix - Times, They Are A'Raging

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