Eight years after the end of Sonic Youth, KIM GORDON presents her first solo album

29. October 2019

Kim Gordon Sonic Youth

Acht Jahre nach Ende von Sonic Youth legt KIM GORDON ihr erstes Solo-Album vor.

Milestones like "Daydream Nation" or "Goo" made Sonic Youth an underground rock institution - until the divorce of bassist Kim Gordon and singer/guitarist Thurston Moore marked the end of the cult band: In October 2011, after 30 years and 13 albums, the New Yorkers announced their separation. Now, after a long self-discovery and the move to Los Angeles, Gordon (66) returns with her solo "No Home Record".

eclipsed: How do you feel about your time with Sonic Youth today? Do you regret anything?

Kim Gordon: Maybe that I've subordinated myself too much. I mean, Sonic Youth was an influential band - and she really absorbed me. So it had a little bit of that, as if I'd been kidnapped (laughs). I've always done interesting little things about art, but there was no time for more. That only changed at the beginning of the 2000s when I had a few exhibitions. So I was always interested in visual art and would have liked to have been more involved with it.

eclipsed: What are you catching up on now?

Gordon: Yes, I just have an exhibition at the Irish Museum of Modern Art in Dublin.

eclipsed: What's that all about?

Gordon: Airbnbs: These are not just alternatives to hotels, but a lifestyle that promises a lot of adventure. For example, you can become a cowboy for a weekend, ride horses and camp around a campfire. It's like immersing yourself in a utopia. I myself have spent the night in several Airbnbs over the years because I am fascinated by what people come up with as decoration. They create small landscapes that are like vanishing points and in which everything is perfectly coordinated. On the walls there are framed pictures or slogans that are supposed to have a deeper meaning. But they're usually cheap clichés. And I don't know what the landlords are trying to do with it. I'm still trying to figure that out - like in my exhibition entitled "She Bites Her Tender Mind". It comprises four small rooms that show how I would decorate an Airbnb - with feminist art that is somewhat more difficult to digest.

Kim Gordon - "Sketch Artist" (Official Music Video)

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