The Finnish band POLYMOON lets themselves be inspired by effect devices

27. March 2023


Die finnische Band POLYMOON lässt sich von Effektgeräten beflügeln

With "Chrysalis" the Finnish quintet Polymoon has presented a convincing second album, which serves prog, psychedelic and also shoegaze fans very well. In places the album has the power and drive of Motorpsycho, but in addition contains many shimmering sounds created with the help of various guitar effects devices. We talked to singer/keyboardist Kalle-Erik Kosonen (rather reserved) and guitarist Jesse Jaksola (with a likeable Prince Ironheart hairstyle), who you immediately notice how well they harmonize with each other.

in 2018 Polymoon found together in the Finnish "rock capital" Tampere, from which also groups like Lovex and Oranssi Pazuzu originate. After first jam sessions (partly still with other musicians), the debut album "Caterpillars Of Creation" soon came into being. Kalle-Erik Kosonen remembers: "Initially we wanted to record an instrumental album, but a week before we went into the studio we decided that we wanted to include vocals as well. That meant a pretty stressful week for me because I had to write the lyrics and vocal melodies!" Asked about Polymoon's influences, Kosonen replies, "A big inspiration for most of us was Pink Floyd - they were the base." Jaksola also cites "King Crimson, Can and Genesis, as well as bands like Kingston Wall and Wigwam," but emphasizes, "We're not just into seventies prog, but also more modern bands like Mew, The Flaming Lips, The Mars Volta, Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine."

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