GALAHAD the lockdown was enough for three releases

2. November 2020


GALAHAD reichte der Lockdown gleich für drei Veröffentlichungen

The English progressive rockers, active since 1985, have made good use of the time of deceleration due to Corona: With a fat 3-CD version of their album classic "Following Ghosts" (1998), the brand-new release "When The Battle Is Over" by the side project Galahad Electric Company and the current solo CD of their guitarist Lee Abraham, entitled "Harmony/Synchronicity", the British are mobilising against loneliness in times of social distancing. While the Expanded Edition of "Following Ghosts" should have been released in 2018 for the 20th anniversary already, the other two releases were made directly under the influence of the Covid 19 lockdown

Singer Stuart Nicholson emphasizes the position of "Following Ghosts" in Galahad's band catalogue: "This was the first album in a newer, 'broader' style - a turning point. I've always loved it and I'm still very proud of this work. Lyrically, it's very personal, and I also like the musical variety and the fact that we took some big risks for that time. But in my opinion it still had a clear prog padding with songs like 'Shine', which was a kind of Pink-Floyd/Yes-hybrid! In fact, the album met with a divided response from fans at the time due to the electronic elements and trip hop-influenced songs like "Bug Eye" or "Ocean Blue", which were unusual for Neoprog. "'Bug Eye' was a bit of a risk, yes, but it certainly doesn't seem out of place in 2020. I'm proud that we pushed the boundaries back then. We just like to try new things that are really 'progressive' instead of just rehashing old prog clichés."

When the Battle Is Over

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