INGA RUMPF - 75 years and not a bit quiet

9. September 2021

Inga Rumpf

INGA RUMPF - 75 Jahre und kein bisschen leise

Darf ich was vorsingen?" is the title of the recently published autobiography of the exceptional German singer Inga Rumpf. The occasion is 75 years of life and around 55 years as a musician. At the same time there is new music from the rock and soul singer on an anniversary CD double decker: "Universe Of Dreams" is a brand new studio album, on "Hidden Tracks" buried treasures from the archives have been unearthed. We gladly took the chance to let the still vital Hamburg sailor's daughter tell us about her rich life via Zoom interview. After all, prominent artists and bands such as Udo Lindenberg, Tina Turner, the Rolling Stones and BAP also crossed her path.

eclipsed: What's your first image in your mind when you think of 75 years of life and over half a century of career as a musician?

Inga Rumpf: I already earned five marks singing at the age of four (laughs). Then I knew where the journey was going. Otherwise, always the minutes full of nervousness before a performance, to then give a great concert on stage. I still burn for what I do.

eclipsed: How did the anniversary album come about with cracks like the well-known session drummer Martin Ditcham or guitarist Larry Campbell from Bob Dylan's band?

Rumpf: I hadn't planned anything, except for the archive album, but my producer Dieter Krauthausen said: "You won't get away with that." So I rummaged through my unfinished songs and also wrote completely new ones, played guitar or piano to them and sent that to Dieter so that all the international musicians could play to it.

eclipsed: It gives a good impression of your musical signature between R&B, rock, blues and soul. You gave "I Wrote A Letter" to Tina Turner in 1981 - why did you record it yourself now?

Rumpf: That was also Dieter's idea, then I thought of this slow bluesy arrangement, and that fits well with the love pain of this piece.

eclipsed: You're always seen as a singer. But you are also a musician and songwriter.

Rumpf: Yes, I also want to communicate my songs, so of course you have to be able to play something. We were a very poor family, but when I was seven years old and a guitar was under the Christmas tree, I knew: Now my life begins ...

Inga Rumpf "Universe Of Dreams" - Official Video - New album "Universe Of Dreams" out Jul 30

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