JORDAN RUDESS - Insanely active

JORDAN RUDESS - Wahnsinnig aktiv

Jordan Rudess also leads a life away from Dream Theater. The keyboard player is a real workhorse. When he's not in the Prog Metal pioneers' class, he tinkers with his own material and records it. If necessary also parallel to his obligations with the band. Now Rudess has released his 14th studio album "Wired For Madness", with which he again enters unknown territory.

Adventure! Risk! When Jordan Rudess talks about his new solo album, he often speaks these words. And the 62-year-old really didn't play it safe with the recording of "Wired For Madness". The man needs a change. He didn't have that with his main band Dream Theater in the studio lately. Their current recording "Distance Over Time" is supposed to reconcile the old fanbase, is a security, a back-to-the-roots album. As a solo artist, however, the keyboarder once again breaks new ground: "When I write for my projects, I embark on a journey into my very own acoustic world. It creates a unique, very special stylistic mix."

The fans already know that. Unlike Dream Theater, Rudess likes to turn his "other side" on his own account, allowing for more classical influences, experimenting with jazz parts or electronic music and indulging in extensive improvisations. When he writes, he lets anything come to his mind. He has also incorporated much of this into his eight new pieces. The album title "Wired For Madness" is program! "I just wanted to produce an album that would really include everything that goes on in my musical pear - from epic prog to blues."

Jordan Rudess - Wired For Madness pt. 1 (Official Lyric Video)

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