KADAVAR gave a first impression of their new album "For The Dead Travel Fast"

3. September 2019


KADAVAR gewährten eclipsed einen ersten Höreindruck ihres neuen Albums „For The Dead Travel Fast“

On October 11th the Berlin band Kadavar will release their fifth album "For The Dead Travel Fast" - the second, which was created in the band's own studio. The guitarist, singer and synthesizer player Christoph "Lupus" Lindemann explained to eclipsed why he is so proud of the result like no other album before.

eclipsed: Are you finally completely satisfied with a Kadavar album?

Christoph "Lupus" Lindemann: Finally I can get rid of the old musician's saying: It's the best album we've ever made!

eclipsed: No one else would I really take that statement for granted, but you were rather reticent with your hymns of praise, especially on "Berlin" (2015) and "Rough Times" (2017).

Lindemann: "Berlin" was too smooth and superficially produced for me. I hardly recognized us then. And with "Rough Times" we wanted to make up for that again and maybe we overstepped the mark a bit. It sounded a bit too rough to me in the end. With the new album we have now landed exactly where I think we belong.

eclipsed: After listening to "For The Dead Travel Fast" for the first time, I have to say: It's a pretty tough one. I'm sure it'll take a few rounds to get a complete picture.

Lindemann: That's exactly our intention: an album for explorers that you can't grasp the first time. An album that can grow. Compared to "For The Dead Travel Fast" the two albums before it are almost pop music with their shorter and easy to grasp songs.

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