KAYAK - Flying high after the near-crash

11. January 2018


KAYAK - Flying high after the near-crash

In a conversation with eclipsed, Ton Scherpenzeel is very relieved that he was able to reactivate kayak. The keyboard virtuoso, who is enthusiastic about the music of the Renaissance and Baroque periods, makes no secret of the fact that he has put a lot into producing a strong album with ingenious melodies and harmonic sequences. The chances of success of "Seventeen" are good, because with InsideOut Kayak have finally found a strong label partner to reach a bigger audience outside their home country.

eclipsed: Since the last album "Cleopatra - The Crown Of Isis" there have been some changes in Kayak's line-up. For example, the long-time lead singer Edward Reekers threw in the towel, but Bart Schwertmann, a strong vocal successor, joined in. How did you meet?

Ton Scherpenzeel: I found Bart on YouTube. He was the first one I invited to an audition, and I was immediately impressed by him, but I thought: It can't be that the first one will be the new lead singer. A few months later I had checked out another ten or fifteen people, but then I listened to Bart's demo again, whereupon I called him and asked if he was still interested.

eclipsed: Bart used to sing "Gethsemane" from "Jesus Christ Superstar." Did he ever do musicals before?

Scherpenzeel: Yes, he has, but he is mainly a rock singer. For kayak he brings that certain extra, because kayak songs are pretty hard to sing, you have to be very versatile. Besides, every note counts at kayak. There is room for improvisation, but only after the original melody has been introduced. The melody, the harmonies and the bass part are equally important in my compositions. If one of these elements doesn't fit, the song won't work.

eclipsed: Besides Bart, there are three other new musicians in the band, including Marcel Singor start, one of the best guitarists in the Netherlands.

Scherpenzeel: Yes, he is great, and I was quite surprised that he is not better known. I think it's great when I can give someone a platform to reach a bigger audience. What I like about Marcel is the fact that he often plays unexpected things with his solos.

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